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  1. BFG All Terrain KO 2's

    That's been my experience with a 3/4 ton. Maybe it's a different tire compound in their E-rated tires that makes them garbage.
  2. BFG All Terrain KO 2's

    Have them on F-250 and won't buy them again. They do really good on gravel and pretty good in light snow but that's it. They are down right dangerous on wet pavement - some how even worse than in snow, rear tires chirp from a standstill every time I take off. I should have returned them when I...
  3. I know it’s a Lexus but............

    I'm very pleasantly surprised! After Mercedes butchered the next C"""63""" with a 4 cycliner I thought there was no way Lexus of all brands would put out a new compact V8 sedan.
  4. DailyDriver Truck(2020+) capable of towing your stang

    If you're towing the 350R in an enclosed trailer, definitely get a 3/4 ton. You would probably be well over the payload limit of a half ton with the tongue weight of a 3000lb+ enclosed trailer, car, fuel, and tires, plus yourself, wife, and travel supplies. I'd go with a 7.3 gasser if I was...
  5. Any Idea What This Is?.....

    Yeah they are pretty great. They can run any of Chevy LS small blocks, so could be anything from an LS1 to the big LS7 in there.
  6. Any Idea What This Is?.....

    Factory Five GTM Supercar kit car
  7. Anybody here still work out?

    I'm semi-rural and there are no real weight training gyms with in an hour drive, so I had built a basic home gym several years ago. Power rack, oly bar and plates, adjustable dumbells, cheap rowing machine and stationary bike. I've DIYed a few accessories like a deadlift/oly platform. I have a...
  8. Thoughts on explorer st

    My wife has a previous gen Explorer Sport, so not a direct comparison to the new gen ST you're looking at. But we both like it, the 3.5EB definitely wakes the car up, lots of passing power on the highway compared to 99% of other crossovers. Overall, it's been a good family hauler and has been...
  9. New car time. What cars are you considering w/replacing your Mustang?

    Congrats! The M2C is the best car BMW currently makes. I leased an M2 with the N55 engine before upsizing to a 440i. Tons of fun, and the S55 is one hell of an engine.
  10. Saw a BMW i8

    4 cylinder and not at least an inline 6 in an M car. BMW truly has lost their way. It's supposed to be supercar, why not put the M5's S68 in it?
  11. When you went shopping for a muscle car did you consider a Charger or a Challenger?

    I did test drive a Challenger R/T but immediately dismissed it from my short list. I was looking for a sports car to be a good middle point between my C6 Corvette and BMW 440i, when I was selling both. The Challenger certainly is not that, the 5.7 is slower than an Ecoboost, and while the 397s...
  12. How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    This is my first Mustang. I was never really interested in Mustangs until the Coyote came out, the performance just wasn't really there with the 4.6. After the suspension upgrades with S550, it really became the performance bargain of the century and I sold my BMW 440i and C6 to condense down to...
  13. What's up with ford performance?

    Why not just disable your AV while you install the software?
  14. Ford marries Tesla? God help us all.

    A hybrid Ford GT with Tesla motors on the front wheels ala Porsche 918 and McLaren P1 would be one hell of a halo car for Ford. Of course with a lesser version trickling down the Mustang.
  15. Should I refund my car? (Update: Got my refund)

    Mate, everyone in the past 6 days in both of your threads has told you to walk away. Take the hint.
  16. What does $55k get you (new or used)?

    Coming from a previous owner of a C6 Grand Sport, I'd be looking at a C7 or M2 Competition.
  17. Ford Mustang November 2020 Sales Figures, GT350 and GT500 Increased 33%

    I really wanted to a 3.5EB Flex as the family car but my wife hated the styling, and we ended up with an Exploder Sport. Still regret it when I see them on the street.
  18. How wrong is it to drive hard after cold start?

    My cold routine is cold start, wait for high-idle revs to drop, drive mildly for a few miles until temps are up to normal, then flog it all you want.
  19. Frustrating to park it all winter

    If the roads are dry and it's at least 40deg, the Mustang will come out to play even in an upstate NY winter. I have the super duty and my wife's exploder for the rest of the time.
  20. What other cars did you consider before you decided on your Mustang?

    Had a BMW 440i Gran Coupe and C6 Corvette. The 440i was bought as a fun family car but back seats never got used. With no more commute and used car prices being up, I sold both the 440i and C6 and split the difference with a used 2018 GT.