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  1. Michigan 2018+ Stock Airbox

    bump, still available
  2. Florida Looking for stock shifter mustang gt 2015

    I have a stock manual shifter
  3. Colorado FS: Used 285/35ZR19 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

    How much would shipping cost to 48307 ? Thanks
  4. Fender trim mach 1

    I'm interested in ordering a set, can you please PM me the coupon code ? Thanks
  5. 2018 GT 6MT Grinding Noise When Releasing the Clutch

    Here's a video that I took last year to illustrate the grind noise to dealership
  6. 2018 GT 6MT Grinding Noise When Releasing the Clutch

    Not true. I have MGW X-Spec but the annoying grind is still present. I think it's just the crap design There's a fix though - driver mod ;) If I change the way I usually shift, I can avoid the noise. I have to let go of the clutch completely and then apply throttle. It's hard shifting that way...
  7. 2018 GT 6MT Grinding Noise When Releasing the Clutch

    They replaced the shift forks under warranty but it had nothing to do with the grinding noise. I still have that noise
  8. FordPass app no longer shows oil life %?

    I'm guessing it might have to do with something with the app on iOS vs Android. I see you're using the app on iPhone
  9. E85 MPG?

    I get 9-11 mpg driving locally and around 16-18 mpg on the freeway. I see estimated range of 160-170ish every time I fill up At the track, I was seeing 6 mpg lol ...though I'm not sure how accurate that is as I haven't measured manually
  10. FordPass app no longer shows oil life %?

    Sorry I misspoke earlier. I'm on build 21194 didn't remember that I update a while ago.
  11. FordPass app no longer shows oil life %?

    I don't think it's related to Sync version. I'm on 21098 and I've seen the oil life option like a week ago. I checked yesterday and it's no longer there
  12. Did Steeda STH kit cause this?

    I'm sorry for the late response guys. I just picked up my car yesterday from the shop and the mechanic told me he couldn't get the bolt off so he had to use a torch. They ordered a new bracket and installed it
  13. Michigan 2018+ Stock Airbox

    hey sorry for the late response. Yes, I can ship it. It'd be $175 shipped
  14. FordPass app no longer shows oil life %?

    Yeah it's not showing up for me too.
  15. Dana port pricing, legit or scam?

    This was pretty much my experience with Dana Port. Their standard response is special order nationwide, due to ship on XX date.
  16. Did Steeda STH kit cause this?

    I was having a weird creaking noise at low speeds when backing out of driveway or driving over small bumps at low speeds. It's removed to install Steeda red diff inserts possibly and also RLCA bushings. The other side is fine, just this one side. I don't know if the bolt was over torqued, had...
  17. Did Steeda STH kit cause this?

    Yeah I dropped my car to swap the differential (changing to 4.09 gears), install Steeda red diff inserts, RLCA bearings. He send me these pics saying that a new bracket needs to be ordered and will take few more days to finish my car. When I asked him how this might have happened, he said...
  18. Michigan Ford Performance GT350 Half Shaft Axles Upgrade Kit M-4130-M8S

    I'm about a hour and half from Lansing but I could probably meet you in the middle around Flint area. Let me know what you think
  19. Did Steeda STH kit cause this?

    My car is getting some work done - diff swap and RLCA bushings. The mechanic sent me these pictures - he said they have to order a new bracket. Did this happen to anyone ? I'm guessing if Steeda Stop the Hop kit caused this or something else ?