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  1. Oklahoma Brand New In Box Car Cover GT350 ($180)

    Sold on Ebay. ill update post now.
  2. 2017 GT350R For Sale HR650

    No I still have it! I traded in H2043 For a Raptor. It's still for sale but I haven't tried real hard to post it anywhere else really. I want to sell it but at the same I don't lol
  3. Oklahoma Brand New In Box Car Cover GT350 ($180)

    Lowered Price to $140 Shipped.
  4. Oklahoma MGW Weighted Gripper Shift Knob Bronze Finish ($40)

    Selling my MGW Weighted Gripper Shift Knob with the Bronze Finish. Sold the car and no longer need it. $40 + Ship OBO
  5. Oklahoma Brand New In Box Car Cover GT350 ($180)

    I am selling my Brand New car cover that came with my GT350. I traded the car in and no longer need the cover. Never used, still in box and plastic it came in. Need gone and willing to give someone a great deal. $180 is the price. Selling on ebay for $250++ Will ship or local pick up. Offers...
  6. 569 2018 Gt350s for sale on Car Gurus

    Certified pre-owned
  7. Oklahoma For Sale : JLT Passenger / Driver side Catch cans

    Used JLT Passenger and Driver side catch cans for sale. $200 Shipped OBO If you have any questions feel free to PM me anytime.
  8. Sync & Shaker logo/advertising delete

    Nice! I need to do this.
  9. 2017 GT350R For Sale HR650

  10. 2017 GT350R For Sale HR650

    We have decided to sell our 2017 350R. As much as we love the car, we have come to the realization that we will not be able to track the car like we initially planned, with another 350 as a daily driver it just doesn't make much since to keep it sitting in the garage. Car has been garage kept...
  11. Protecting a QA1 Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft from Exhaust Heat

    I follow some folks from Georgia on Instagram, @ThePartsFarm is the username. They recently took in 4 new totaled GT350's. They part them out. Might check with them, here's the number. 404-590-7828
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  13. GR107 - Looking For The New Owner!!

    This. Inform the Service Manager of the situation, have him Contact the new owner and pass along the message. That way the Service Manger looks good, and the new owner at least has the opportunity to accept or deny your generous offer. :thumbsup:
  14. GR107 - Looking For The New Owner!!

    If you have the VIN, I can run the oasis report and see if we can find the most recent dealer to have it in for service etc? That might get you pointed in the right direction.
  15. P0300/P0304 Misfires help!

    Service Manager just called. They ran the compression test, said cylinder 8 is reading 158 psi while 1-7 is reading 185+. Said they were going to start checking the valves, Rings etc. :shrug:
  16. P0300/P0304 Misfires help!

    Thank you for posting that info I really appreciate it. I will keep y'all updated, waiting to here something today. Hopefully it's just a sensor or connection etc.
  17. P0300/P0304 Misfires help!

    P0300 and P0306 Got in the car this morning and noticed a check engine light. Turned it on and everything seemed normal, no weird noises or rough idle. Brought it up to the dealership anyways, throwing a P0300 and P0306, Random Misfire is what I was told and Ford is requesting a Compression...
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