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  1. Dana port pricing, legit or scam?

    Writing a follow up after a few emails and phone calls with Dana Port. I spoke with Tom (I hope I got your name correctly!) from DanaPort on the phone on Friday of last week. He let me know that Ford informed them that the part would be delivered to them on a specific date, but that it kept...
  2. Florida 2015+ FRPP Blank decklid panel

    If this deal falls through let me know and I’ll take it.
  3. Dana port pricing, legit or scam?

    Sharing my experience so far for other potential buyers. I ordered a Ford Perfomance Track Handling Pack. Here’s the timeline with responses from @Dana Port: 7/23/21: Order Placed. 8/2/21: I emailed support for update on when order would ship 8/3/21: DP Support responded: “Still on special...
  4. Maryland SOLD!: OEM PP1 Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires

    If push comes to shove and you entertain shipping them, send me a PM. GLWS!
  5. New Jersey 2017 GT Premium steering wheel and GTPP gauges

    PM’d on steering wheel if it’s still available.