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  1. Window Sticker

    You’re awesome! Thank you so much
  2. Window Sticker

    Hey again! You found my window sticker a few years who when I bought my mustang. Any chance you can pull another for one my brother is looking at? 1FA6P8CFXH5305868 Thanks in advance!
  3. Stock throw out bearing is too long????

    Did you ever find the answer to this? If so how is the clutch? Considering running this clutch as well.
  4. Window Sticker

    Anybody available to get a quick window sticker? A buddy of mine is looking at getting a Gt CS with 5k miles on it. 1FA6P8CF9L5127542 Thanks in advance!
  5. I’m an idiot, help!

    Keyway was still at 5 o clock. Was able to get the drivers side cam turned over to the correct spot and installed the chains, then got the passenger side in the correct spot and all timed correctly. Crank turns over by hand smoothly.
  6. I’m an idiot, help!

    I just replaced my oil pump gears on a 2017 mustang gt. However i missed the critical step of having the cam phasers/gears pointing the right direction and essentially took my chains off 180 degrees opposite of what i should have done. The passenger side L is facing the fender instead of the R...
  7. Dana port pricing, legit or scam?

    Has anybody shopped danaport.com? Some prices seem too good to be true. They sell on eBay as well and have 100% positive feedback, but other than that I can’t find much on them.
  8. Made a thing!

    We can do that! Send me a PM when you decide on an idea!
  9. Made a thing!

    A while ago my brother and I decided to start a business to help fund our car builds. What started off as an idea turned into vehicle specific decals. We started making quarter windows decals which have had great feedback, but I was extremely happy with how these decklid panels came out! (The...
  10. Throttle body clicking

    I just sent the gt350 throttle body and adapter back without even installing it. 2 tuners told me not to install it because of drivability issues and hesitation. Saw a couple reviews that confirmed this. The ticking after the Oil change might be the infamous bbq tick. Mine did that last weekend...
  11. Throttle body clicking

    24000. I haven’t check my trims, but the afr definitely goes up. Mine is very rhythmic.
  12. Throttle body clicking

    Stock. I ordered the GT350 manifold from American muscle and while it was on the way both Bama and Unleashed tuning said it doesn't work well with the car and has hesitation issues so I ordered the Ford oem. (I use unleashed, I just wanted bama to run the ghost cam tune for fun). Do you run...
  13. Throttle body clicking

    Sure have. It does seem like an accessory drawing power. Replaced the battery. Disconnected the smart charge system. Nothing has worked yet. I’m running out of ideas. I tested the alternator, which read bad with the smart charge connected, and read good without the smart charge connected...
  14. Throttle body clicking

    When I took the old one off I noticed a slight rattle inside the actuator itself. New one did not rattle.
  15. Throttle body clicking

    Stock manifold. Unleashed tuning. I put the stock air box back on and flashed to stock tune and it still had the up and down exhaust note change. The afr moves when it does this. The clicking in the throttle body must have been coincidence because i replaced it and it stopped clicking but still...
  16. Throttle body clicking

    clicking is gone. Surging is not.
  17. Maybe I shouldn’t have changed my oil

    Well, I wasn’t sure if I was pouring ceratec or pepto bismol into the engine, but it worked almost immediately! I’ve read for some people it works permanently, some only temporarily. We will wait and see. Thanks again for the recommendation!
  18. Maybe I shouldn’t have changed my oil

    Good to know, I will try the ceratec. Thank you both.
  19. Maybe I shouldn’t have changed my oil

    This will be fun. I’ll try to keep it short. 2017 GT, 24k miles. Bought the car a couple months ago. Did my first oil change today with royal purple 5w-20, 8qts. Fired it up, nice and smooth and quiet. Tapped the throttle ever so slightly and hear the dreaded ticking noise. This ticking noise...