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  1. Girlfriend mode toggle?

    Pulled this down off MUSTANG6G.com. Don't know who posted it or forum but I thank him/her. Normal/Wet/Track
  2. Turn signal relay

    As you have the 5.2 litre version you still have bulbs (not LEDs) for indicators, nevertheless these are controlled by the BCM module which drives them using FETs (Field Effect Transistors) which are very robust. So no relays involved and power comes from "always hot" bussed power. A mega fuse...
  3. Window Sticker

    @spedy7 you may have missed me at message #1993 or https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/window-sticker.107986/post-3470654 VIN: 1FA6P8NF3K5136037
  4. Window Sticker

    Hi @spedy7 , I'm from Australia, I used to have the sticker from the Ford website but I had a hard-disk failure with the sticker saved to the part of the disk I don't back up. (I always thought I could go back and get it- but NO). Would you kindly find mine and forward it to me...
  5. Wiring diagram for 2019 B&O system?

    Here's a picture of my rear deck. The ANC mic in the overhead map lights pod is needed for BlueTooth quality purposes.