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  1. First 7 days with Mach 1, coming from C8

    Actually Zora wanted a mid engine Corvette in the 60’s so to say it's a wanna be is a bit silly? GM wouldn't do it which pissed Zora off The C8 is amazing and this is coming from a Mustang GT PP1 owner, theres no comparison between the 2 cars C8 wins every-time Still I understand why u may...
  2. What would any of you be willing to pay for a 19 pp2??/

    I have the 401a in my GT PP1 Convertible, I was just saying I did like the old school in my 301a GT too
  3. What would any of you be willing to pay for a 19 pp2??/

    Good thing I’m not you, I love my PP1 but I also loved my Blue/Black Out 301a GT too😝 All kidding aside I love the 301a car with the regular gauges, Yes my PP1 is a premium but I honestly like the old school gauges better and the cloth is fine, but for looks the Mach 1 Track Pack is gorgeous...
  4. What would any of you be willing to pay for a 19 pp2??/

    I paid under 40k for a 19GT PP1 w/6,000 miles on it 5 months ago Its also Ceramic Coated and Clear Bra on the nose and door edges The car is immaculate
  5. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Go look back at National Speeds results in these post’s The guy gained nothing, but I would agree with u that the tune does has A10 strategies and 6sp advantages over the stock tune👍🏼 I will also say the pinging (18-21) was more of a anomaly where the tune hadn't been been driven or learned...
  6. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Great Response, thats exactly what I was looking for as an answer 🙏
  7. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I will move on, I ask a question and honestly I see 1 decent dyno sheet, but way more guys reporting pinging and picking up nothing I wish u the best😎
  8. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    There’s also few graphs in here from people that gained ZERO? I’m not saying its a terrible option but again imho the kits more suited for an automatic for the trans tuning than anything else. Would've love to see ET/Mph after it was installed
  9. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    But here’s what I don’t understand This kit has been tested in this post (correct me if I’m wrong) to make no additional power (Dyno verified) So why would anyone spend the moola for it? No disrespect, maybe I read it wrong? Lets face it, until Whipple offers a carb certified kit from Ford...

    I love the color but sometimes it looks too dark to me? Eruption Green Mach 1 is surprisingly sharp too….But again can look dark in certain light…
  11. Ess g3 1/4 mile

    So bigs, littles and rear sear delete 300a, 301a, 400a or 401a? Again, just curious👍🏼 Your cars really impressive
  12. Do you regret not replacing the CUP 2s

    Its sad Ford doesn’t allow u downgrade to a more street friendly option with better tread life
  13. Ess g3 1/4 mile

    Thats impressive, did u take weight out of it, just curious
  14. Don’t use Royal purple (gen3 coyote)

    I ran RP in all my LS cars, never had one issue racing from 12.00 to 10.70 depending on which car and not one failure or issue
  15. Don’t use Royal purple (gen3 coyote)

    My 19 coupe was silent (Motorcraft Synthetic) but my 19 convertible has the tick (Motorcraft) but I bought it with 6k miles on it so I don't know what Sam Galloway used it but my gut sez the cheaper stuff Next change I’ll go full synthetic and hope it goes away, I hate the tick and when I first...
  16. Are catted header really worth cost on 2018 and up

    Remember bud it takes 2 to tango Scold him, u seem a bit unfair I never ever said a thing to this guy, he wanted to take shots and if he wanted to bust my chops on parts or setups no problem, I didn't take kindly to his bs old man remarks, thats it But your right, I shouldve just ignored it...