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  1. 50 cat removed with dyno numbers

    Ford like all manufactures rates HP at the crank. So if you are making 403 at the wheels you should be making more like 440-460 at the crank. Put a 2018 intake manifold on it and bump up the redline to 7500 for the best bang for the buck horsepower.
  2. MUDstang vs Mustang Hill Climb

    That video was made by a highly regarded tuner around here. Anyone care to guess who?
  3. Juggernaut outed

    This sums it up. Business is slowing. Revenue is falling. The upcoming generation is rumored to be untunable using the normal process. Lund looks to be a one trick pony that has just broken a leg. Pretty normal behavior from a company that has coasted off of previous success with most of its...
  4. New motor is done !

    I like shiny things and this thing is very shiny. Look like it’s going to be a beast
  5. No acceleratoion past 45mph or 2500rpm

    Guess you will find out when you get home. Hopefully it’s just a software bug.
  6. 2022 GT 1/4 race day. So close to 10 second pass

    Jesus man. If you would have taken a dump before that 006 run you would have had it. Sooooo close. She moves out.
  7. Aluminator Failure

    Knock is not a mythical creature. A setup can be created to find the source of the sound. I haven’t chased knock in many years but before the smart days(GN days), microphones were used to find it. For the coyote it looks like the knock frequency should be around 6.18khz. Putting a few...
  8. Brembo Shelby Super Snake Brake Kit

    If your brakes will make the ABS work from XXX until you are stopped, you don’t need more braking force. Your tires are the limiting factor. What bigger brakes will give you is more cycles until overheated. I would go for the cheaper brakes and put the money elsewhere.
  9. Aluminator Failure

    With the massive investment and engineering Ford put into these engine management system, turning off the knock sensors is just inexcusable. Can you name the actual person that did this? I am glad you have an awesome car to show for it now thou. Looking forward to so number from the track.
  10. Beware the washed out roads. Not good. 😞

    Any idea how long ago it washed out or when the last rain that could have washed it out was?
  11. Why is MMR frowned upon?

    Wait are you comparing a 481 to coyote? That’s kinda apples to spaceships comparison.
  12. Track Mode Removal - Warning from cop.....

    Bet you are cringing seeing them moving in.
  13. Received "damaged" parts, am I overreacting?

    Rattle can and install? Is that too much trailer park?
  14. Best video of Ethanol I've seen: Why Does Ethanol Make So Much Power? (Versus Gasoline)

    I think the misunderstanding here is that changing from E10 to E20 will increase octane. Nope all it will do is allow the companies to make money by lowering the amount of octane additives. Gas companies want it and corn farmers also want it. The next logical step to increase gas mileage in...
  15. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Rod.

    I hope they are in good shape. From a cost prospective though, it’s all the little things that add up and get you. From taxes, shipping, head stud kit, new oil pump, gaskets and other small odds and ends, when all the receipts are in you hand it will be pretty close. If you add in you can sell...
  16. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Rod.

    With no core, 3800. It really is a tossup of just putting a used motor in it though. He would probably have 6k in it after everything. A good used gen 2 fetches about the same.
  17. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Rod.

    It probably burned the oil. 1250 miles per quart isn’t a crazy burn rate if you drive the car hard. Check the cam caps to see if they are scored. If they look good buy yourself and a factory short block and a parts washer. If they are messed up decisions will need to be made.
  18. Best video of Ethanol I've seen: Why Does Ethanol Make So Much Power? (Versus Gasoline)

    I didn’t realize the cooling effect of E was that large. I always knew there was some benefit but 4.5x gas is massive. Moral is all Mustangs should be alcoholics.
  19. 2013-14 Coyote Head Bolt Torque

    I don’t know but you can search or purchase a factory service manual for you vehicle. If you are OCD, having step by step directions along with every torque spec will be something you will greatly value. Do your due diligence before downloading from random websites.
  20. When to be worried with metal shavings in oil?

    Send oil off for analysis. If you have abnormal wear going on it will show up. 30 bucks and a whole lot more piece of mind.