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  1. Anarchy Weighted Shift Knob

    I’ve only dealt with Derrick at anarchy motive. And both my knobs are perfect. Shame everyone else here has so many delay and communication issues.
  2. Anarchy Motive Shiter Knobs

    Seems he only makes and sends out the knobs he has a big interest in. I waited about 4 months but received both of mine. I know he screws over a lot of people.
  3. Custom Bullitt Steering Wheel

    I went with socal garage works for mine and just got a standard green. I like it because it matches the green on the gauges.
  4. WTF? Carbon Cartel (Carbonplug.com) Ordered something in Jan, never heard back!

    Same issue as well. Ordered steering wheel bezels on 7/14/20. Shipped 8/12/20 and it just says label printed awaiting package. Pretty sure I made a mistake going with these jokers. I’ve sent two emails to them getting no reply.
  5. Limp Mode

    My car went through limp mode a handful of times while I’d be cruising in neutral, and then try to put it back in gear. Turns out it had a bad flywheel. The clutch and flywheel we’re both replaced under warranty.
  6. What’s your gas mileage and why did we all pay a GAS GUZZLER TAX!

    I had to start driving that slow as I’ve been pulled over 5 times in a year by the California highway patrol. The most recent pullover was by a captain of the chp and I was informed if I’m pulled over again I’ll be arrested.
  7. What’s your gas mileage and why did we all pay a GAS GUZZLER TAX!

    Depending on how I feel like driving on my 120 mile round trip commute I can get anywhere from 18-29 mpg. I’m amazed at the gas mileage this v8 is capable of achieving. I would always have around 300 miles till empty at a full tank going 80 mph but recently I started going the posted speed...
  8. Anarchy Weighted Shift Knob

    Aha yes that does present a problem.
  9. Anarchy Weighted Shift Knob

    I’ve ordered the same knob from him. It should have no issue fitting my mgw as I utilize the adapter that gives the appearance that it still has a reverse pull up collar. The threading on the mgw is identical to stock. Some don’t like the look of the adapter so I get it. Sorry it didn’t work out...
  10. Need to check this ASAP on your Bullitts.......

    I ordered the Steeda kit as well. Checked mine and it was about half way on. Tried pushing it on further and it dropped fluid instead. Stopped at that point. Hopefully the Steeda kit makes it a stronger connection. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Alcantara upgrades

    I purchased the leather shift boot and brake boot from redline as well just haven't installed it. I ordered the Alcantara steering wheel wrap from them as well but they do not have a template for it and are asking me to fork over an additional 450$ to get a core wheel so they can do the template.
  12. 2019 Bullitt and Forscan

    If you are using sport or track mode I believe it does not allow the song to show because the tachometer occupies that area.
  13. Bullitt K7191 Street Build

    I got the Steeda spring as well and it does make a difference. I didn’t opt for the upgraded perch however. And I just installed the mgw shifter. What a world of difference it makes. If you can afford it I say go for it. I did the install myself on jack stands. Not too difficult and mgw has a...
  14. Grille access

    Mine is as far left as allowed without cutting into the grille.
  15. Grille access

    Yes of course what was I thinking. I apologize for the bad lighting. May take another later.
  16. Grille access

    Ok was able to get my arm just barely through the passenger side of the radiator. It’s a very tight fit but doable if you have skinny arms. I like the emblem. It’s subtle because it’s dark green but gives a tad more character.
  17. Grille access

    Yeah that’s what I did as well but it’s a solid piece of plastic covering that area under the latch. No access from under it at all.
  18. Grille access

    Was hoping someone here has done what I’m trying to do. I purchased a gt350 style badge for the front grille that says coyote in dark green. Following the few install vids on YouTube got me nowhere as there’s an additional cover under the radiator cover preventing access to the back of the...
  19. Bullitt single horn - FIXED!

    I did the swap to the double horn as well a while ago and I’m glad I did. Was heading home after work the other night and I had to use it when a car was about to side swipe me. Think the driver fell asleep cause they ended up hitting the median and blowing out their front drivers side tire after...

    Just finished adjusting the 1/2 gate pin. Shifts are now awesome. No more lockout at high rev or downshift like I was getting yesterday into second gear. I can’t recommend the mgw shifter enough. It’s worth it’s price. And the customer service is stellar. They respond quickly.