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  1. 2016 GT PP Wheels installed incorrectly

    Hey everyone. I just recently got new tires installed (friday afternoon), but unfortunately the guys at discount mixed up the wheels and had a rear on the front, and a front on the rear. Didn't notice anything driving it home tbh, but yesterday I drove it to work and I started feeling it...
  2. Letting the oil warm up

    I wait until the oil gauge hits the green area. I can wait 2-3 minutes of driving for it to hit that before I bang on it. It is always better to let mechanical parts warm up a bit.
  3. Seeking long tube advice.

    So is it just one not ready or 2 individual? I ask bc in AZ you can still pass with one not ready I think.
  4. Seeking long tube advice.

    I know. I am saying mod the code so it doesnt fail. For example my buddy has a tuned 335 with FBO. He does not need to disable anything because the tuners mod the code in the ECU to always read PASS.
  5. Seeking long tube advice.

    Why can they not keep them ready but always have them passing? That is what I am wondering.
  6. Seeking long tube advice.

    That is absurd. A tuner needs to offer a tune to tweak the values so the CEL doesnt pop up. My buddy has a BMW and those tuners do it and dont even care. Not sure why mustang tuners are so scared to do it.
  7. Seeking long tube advice.

    A lund tune will pass a readiness test?
  8. To E85 or not to E85? That is the question

    Just shitty gas mileage. If I had a station on the way home I wouldnt care, but the one I have to go to is 20 mins out of my way. I usually run it for 3-4 weeks then run 91 for 1-2 weeks to flush and repeat.
  9. To E85 or not to E85? That is the question

    I enjoy E85 but the gas mileage is god awful. Having to go to the gas station every 3 days can get annoying.
  10. Cold Temp Steering Pops/Bangs

    Happens to me every morning backing out of the garage/driveway here in Tucson. Its funny this thread was made because this morning I was really wondering what the hell causes this.
  11. Do you like the 2018 Design

    Appears to be a swing and a miss Ford. Better luck next time.
  12. 2018 Mustang GT Revealed (Video)!!

    Downgrade in the looks department
  13. P Zero Nero?

    They ordered tbe correct ones and will swap them out when they get them in. Thx for the input fellas.
  14. P Zero Nero?

  15. P Zero Nero?

    Just got my rears replaced at discount and told them to put on the same p zeros that came with the car until the fronts wear out and I can go with another brand. It appears they put on P Zero Neros. Are these the same as the P Zeros from the factory?
  16. excessive tire wear?

    I am approaching 16k miles and I still have factory p zeros for perf pack. Im tuned with e85 and headers and by no means baby the car, but I dont do burn outs. Still have decent tread left.
  17. Please Do Not Run E-85 on Stock Injectors.

    Im running Shauns flex tune and he wont even tune if you dont upgrade your injectors (e85). Like he says.. better safe than sorry.