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  1. Mustang Vs Audi RS3

  2. Missing Dash Gauges

    That could be good option if you want to have those two gauges on dash. [ame]
  3. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    Thanks John. Much appreciated mate.
  4. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    Its reading all fine, so wht changes do you make in forscan to activate line lock.
  5. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    ya and after all those three thing. will it do it automatic or is there any process to it...
  6. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    my question is how to enable line lock in sync 2. Thanks
  7. DIY (Service)

    For the Home enthusiastic [ame]
  8. AU to US Tail Light swap?

    By watching this video below. I think if we swap our lights to us style and use that sequential turn signal module supplied by 2stang. It may work because that thing activate the amber lights on our cars. Haven't tried it but if you are going to buy the us style lights. Its worth to try it out...
  9. Sync 3 speed camera alerts mustang 2017

    Its Easy Go to navigation tap on menu then navigation settings press navigation prefrence at last you will press hazard spot warning and select visual and chimes. only for sync 2 owners Cheers
  10. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    fork in hell.... Thanks Stefano. What about the soft climate control on the screen
  11. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Hi guys could any one please help me sort out that gt 350 start up screen. I did put that number 7 on their but nothing changed. I have sync2. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. CIA thoughts

    Did I read it wrong..... You mean CIA!!!!!
  13. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Made some boot straps
  14. Oz S550 spotted thread

    Saw two race Red ponies on Kwinana free way while I was going towards Pinjarra. I was saying to my brother in law that r u spotting Mustangs around your area and bang we saw two.
  15. Damaged my Mustang!

    Here's a DIY if you are interested in it [ame]
  16. Oz S550 spotted thread

    I am with you guys. I have seen three so far. Two of em were young guys and one was in his 60's and all three of em never responded. Bloody shame
  17. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    I love em too mate
  18. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    Nice Stable mate. You got Cats living in there too:thumbsup: Go Cats!!!!!!
  19. Oz S550 spotted thread

    That could be possible. I was gonna ask him but he turned left