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  1. some dude in San Diego is selling an 18+ Coyote and MT82-D4 combo

    sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/pts/d/san-marcos-coyote-gen-longblock-mt82-d4/7592777054.html update: added ECU and the SCT BDX with 91, flex, and e85 race tunes.
  2. Macho Man NV Salvage, intercontinental road race champion, oh yeah

    Trying to pick up where we left off. If you loved the Albuquerque Stripper, you'll love the Macho Man NV Salvage, oh yeah. No secrets, we're going to do it right in-front of your eyes, oh yeah. Chapters. Sure, why not? 6900 well spent? 6900 well spent. Once a Stripper, always a Stripper...
  3. Who's going to the Ford show this weekend?

    I'll be walking around, probably driving up in the Fun Police.
  4. helpful TSB reminder to 2018 and 2019's with MT82-D4's

    So, not entirely related to things, I killed my transmission this previous weekend. Wah wah, nobody cares. However, and this is where we turn this around on you, get your TSB's taken care of, if you haven't already. The MT82-D4 is garbage, and Ford knows and knew about it, and for those with...
  5. 2018 Mustang GT's catching fire

    Curious, but how many of you are out there? I caught fire, and while I'm no forensic fireman, the fuel line melted/snapped at the direct injection pump, catching the passenger head on fire, and the upper coolant hose melted at the firewall/evap core. So, that sucked. Recently, somebody...
  6. How many liters have you had?

    0.0 (EV) 2.5 (Escape) 3.0 (335i) 3.8 (Mustang) 4.0 (Explorer) 4.6 (Mustang) 5.0 (Mustang) 5.3 (Tahoe) 5.7 (Camaro) --- 33.9
  7. anybody have a huge 6 ton jackstand I can borrow?

    Yanking my burnt motor out, and trying to find one of those mega tall 6 ton jackstands that go like 24-28 inches up. I can't seem to find any locally, all of them are out of stock, I'm guessing as part of the big jackstand recalls that HF had last year. Still today, the only ones you can...
  8. Stirring the pot, but why do people list their transmission?

    Not really trying to be a dick, but I'm just curious when/why this became a thing like a decade ago. If you're at a meet (and not in/around your car), and you're talking about what you drive, do you mention the transmission directly proceeding the year, make, model of what you have?
  9. Taillight Tuesday

    Presented by the all-new Coyote engine, here's hoping all those Corvettes appreciate them. Tuning up for the upcoming weekend's NASA race and met up with some Spec Corvette guys on a nice, cool Saturday morning with Speed Ventures at Auto Club Speedway.
  10. WTB - 18+ GT front bumper, GT350

    Condition does not matter, headlight clips can be broken, cheaper the better. I'm playing with fiberglassing, so whatever cuts, dents, scrapes, and whatnot can be fixed. I'm all around the SoCal tracks, so can work out grabbing it whenever, shipping would totally kill the deal with them being...
  11. 2018+ GT Starter Motor Confusion / SA-1067 vs SA-1087

    Sharing this for those of you who may eventually find yourself in this situation, where you need to replace a starter. The JR3Z-11002-A is the Motorcraft SA-1087, which has two holes in it. The GR3Z-11002-A is Motorcraft SA-1067, which has three holes in it. The Ecoboost starter motor is half...
  12. CANCELLED -- Auto Club Speedway - June 6-7 w/ Speed Ventures

    Do you like to drive over 140mph? Who doesn't? If you said something along the lines of hell yeah, come on down to Auto Club Speedway and knock some dust off on the Roval. 3 Straightaways? Check. 20+ Turns? Yup. High banking turns? You got it, friend. Want to see the Albuquerque Stripper fall...
  13. The Albuquerque Stripper - Who says a Mustang can't land a kickflip?

    TL;DR: We came, we saw, we conquered. It was one hell of a run. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the project and story of the Albuquerque Stripper. First time here? Can't believe this thread's so long that it needs an index or chapters. What it's like to purchase a salvage car from Copart...