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  1. First GT500 oil change

    Haven't read past this post but I worked in a mechanic shop in high school. Started doing oil changes and changing tires. Was told when I did an oil change to put the recommended amount of oil in the car and then start it for 10-20 seconds. After that let it sit for a couple minutes and check...
  2. First GT500 oil change

    Haven't been following here as much lately as I have a bolt through my front tire and my local dealer acts like they have no clue what tires are. According to them Ford doesn't have any 2020 GT500 tire in their system. They ask me for every spec of tire. Down to speed rating. Pretty sure the...
  3. Opinion needed on hood vent

    Seconded after seeing the photoshops posted.
  4. Opinion needed on hood vent

    It would be unique for sure. Maybe one of our lovely comrades could photoshop an image to get an idea for you. Not the worst Idea I have heard.
  5. For The Apple Watch Crowd...

    Never mind. You changed my mind. I f Never mind. I fully support this watch.
  6. Winter storage

    I am in SC so doesn't get super cold or long winters normally. When I had my GT350 if it was above 55ish I would take for a quick drive. maybe 3 times during "winter". never used a trickle charger.
  7. For The Apple Watch Crowd...

    Love watches but can't get into the smart watches. Prefer the mechanical watches.
  8. Grabber Yellow on GT500 spotted. Production of 2021's alongside 2020's?

    Definitely not the same color. I was a little sad when I heard yellow was a color option for 2021 since I loved my gt350 in yellow. After seeing these pics I do not regret going TO.
  9. How Many Others Have a November 2020 Build Date?

    Not to make you all feel old but you all been married as long as I have been alive. Hope maybe one day to have what you all do but I seem to be burning my candle at both ends and even if I got married tomorrow probably wouldn't see that long. Congrats to both of you!
  10. 2020 GT500 Tire Leak

    Not from the factory but went out for a drive today and noticed tpms light on and found a nice big bolt in my front drivers side tire. So gotta wait til monday for dealer service department to open and hope they have a tire in stock.
  11. Anyone coming from gt350?

    Not sure what is "wow". IF facts don't suit you then wow sorry for you lol. I loved my gt350 as I have said. But to this specific thread people that don't have experience in both cars don't really have much room to run their mouth.
  12. Anyone coming from gt350?

    The fact he has never driven a gt500 (more than likely) should drop him from the conversation. Read the title of the thread. He's coming in here running his mouth when he can't answer the question asked by the OP. He is here just to stir shit. IF he can prove he has experience then I'll STFU but...
  13. Anyone coming from gt350?

    If you can't tell he is biased then thats on you. I loved my gt350. Was nervous selling it to get the 500 as I didn't know how I would like the DCT. Don't regret it. You are first person I have heard that sold the gt500 to go to a gt350. No one can say the gt500 is a step down from a gt350. The...
  14. Corsa Performance Catbacks Now Available for the 2020 Shelby GT500!

    When I read through the specs and saw 4" I was confused as I thought factory was 5". Not sure why they went down on size.
  15. Anyone coming from gt350?

    We can tell you are biased. I drove the GT350 and clearly know that it can drive at high RPM... Looks are subjective but a step down? Keep being biased and go back to the GT350 section.
  16. Exhibitions Of Speed - PYTHON GT500 Hood Vent Project

    Hope they move quick and I am part of it lol. Will be my first mod. Hoping to do this and a resonator delete for Christmas.
  17. Exhibitions Of Speed - PYTHON GT500 Hood Vent Project

    I haven't received an email back on my interest either. I chalked it up to it being preproduction and them being busy with making wheels.
  18. 2021 order bank open?

    I can hope and pray for myself that it will be canceled so values stay higher.
  19. Rapid Red Metallic GT500 pictures

    What does it say for red when TO is faster than white? So TO is the fastest... We all know that. Then we have a semi close second (3 seconds behind). So is red a second behind you? As I understand it now TO is the fastest, then white and then Red. What are the rest of you all doing?
  20. This 2020 GT500 Features Upgraded DCT Transmission

    Glad to see companies are already working on the trans for us. I am not tuning mine yet but thanks to you guys that are and getting the parts we need tested.