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  1. Mach 1 fender flares

    yeah you did an amazing job making them fit. I took them off as I got 20x10" and added 3/4" spacers in the front, more expensive but the wheels are lighter and bigger and fill in better. I'm on the wait list with Shelby american to install their widebody kit. Its only a two year wait!
  2. Wash and Detail

    The paint looks great! Cordless is the way to go for sure.
  3. Wash and Detail

    Yeah you can find on autogeek. Sometimes they are cheaper on Amazon. That being said these 4 products are the bomb. The leather care products smell great , and leave the leather rich soft and smelling like new car. The same with the vinyl and rubber protectant. And the exterior trim...
  4. Wash and Detail

    I’m in south west Florida. Heat and sun are your enemy when washing and detailing. You usually don’t want to have the car in the sun especially when working with detailing products after washing.
  5. Wash and Detail

    Yeah flooding isn’t an issue. Interesting. I’ll have to research those products. I bought a great polisher. I’ll send details later.
  6. Wash and Detail

    It’s Friday in sunny south west Florida. Giving my PP2 a little luv and attention. What is your detailing process and favorite products. These are some of my favorite products Btw the foam cannon is awesome and the Wolfgang products are top notch. Missing from the product display are turtlewax...
  7. PP2 Registry

    Happens to the best of us. Lol
  8. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – February 2023

    Thanks. Check out tirestickers.com. It is a bit tedious to apply them. But they really do hold up if you follow instructions on adhering to the tire. But if you hit a curb with tires you are f’d. They are expensive for that they are though.
  9. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – February 2023

    I have a set of 20s project6 7 spoke gloss black 10” front 11” rear (they don’t have 10.5). Will swap next month.
  10. PP2 Registry

    Sure. Check out steeda gt500 spoiler they posted an install video. The offer a version with a tinted gurny flap. It looks great and the install is on a PP2. They have an upgrade hardware kit that makes it’s easy.
  11. PP2 Registry

    No it uses the same holes as the oem spoiler so no drilling!!!
  12. PP2 Registry

    It’s the OEM gt500 spoiler with gurny flap approx $800 from steeda. I love it. Looks great and definitely helps keep the ass planted. I have my oem spoiler but for this car it needed more.
  13. PP2 Registry

    Yeah I do have some videos on YouTube. I lived in CT. now in Florida.
  14. PP2 Registry

    Pretty ingenious. Lol
  15. PP2 Registry

    Just Sharing some pics after washing her