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  1. Summary of 2021 Ford Mustang Changes: There’s good news and bad news

    Any news on a Hybrid version. If you ask me one with the ECoboost from the explorer would be great :)
  2. Changing startup background

    I spotted a clip on TikTok showing a way to change the background of the APIM at start.(Swapping the pony for a cobra :)) Push Fast forward and eject for 10 sec and you enter a setting menu. Here you can select a different background Was playing around with it and got a new background in the...
  3. Can you retrofit the Sync 3 system in a 2015 mustang gt?

    I upgraded my sync 2 to sync 3 2017 (Ecoboost) and added a new USB hub to get carplay working. 30m work, easy ! Just upgraded to SYNC 3.4 yesterday on my 2015 via Cyanlabs.net (as the FORD website does not accept my VIN supposingly running SYNC 2 :) )
  4. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Hi, got in contact via Discord and you already saw the problem. The APIM version I bought in Dubai is a GL and not EU version (GL = Global ?) GL version is actually bigger but the apps partition is bigger after reformat than it was initially, that's appearently why Gracenotes don't fit anymore...
  5. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    This is in the syncmyride directory. Did a preformat on both sticks in exFat. No navigation
  6. 16 to 18 Mustang Sync 3.0 to 3.4?

    Downloaded Cyanlabs, installed it on a stick (even tried a second one, different brand 16Gb) but got stuck..... anyone ?
  7. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    So, what I was afraid of happened... GOt stuck during install despite the fact all files were verified and OK... URGENT help requested as I am stuck in the update start screen on my display....
  8. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Got a sync 3 without NAV, Waze is much better ! and selected EU, so that should be fine. Gonna try this weekend and if needed i'll get back to their discord channel.
  9. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Q Have a 2015 EU car which originally came with sync 2. Swapped it to sync 3 in 2017. Now I want to upgrade to 3.4 but my vin is of course not accepted for upgrade :) I made a USB stick with the latest version of cyanlabs.net V20136. My sync3 display was purchased in Dubai A nice mix but a bit...
  10. Camouflaged Mustang Prototype Spied: Possible Refresh or Hybrid Model?

    Just put the Hybrid Explorer Ecoboost 3L V6 in it with 66 CO² and plenty of EU people will be very happy !
  11. GT 350 style Bumper on 2015 Ecoboost

    Did anyone install a GT350 front bumper kit on it's EU car (I have a 2015) ? Did you order it painted ? Shipped from Europe or US ? Considering : - MP Concepts - IKON - I5 autohaus - Anderson composite
  12. Thinking about GT350 Style Front Bumper

    Same question for a 2015. Need to replace front bumper. Also wondering what's best : Fiber or Polypropulene ? (would like to avoid peel off but get strongest one) Other brands in consideration: Anderson Composite.
  13. Lowest emission Downpipe ?

    I suppose this is only for data reading and triggering, in fact at this tech control they put a kind of pipe in the exhaust and they use a machine to analyze the generated fumes. Any way to trigger these figures? Guess an extender will not help ?
  14. Lowest emission Downpipe ?

    interesting ! What exactly is this sensor doing ?
  15. Lowest emission Downpipe ?

    Currently I have a Catted Mishimoto downpipe. The pipe broke off twice from the holders and had to be let 2 times. Last year I had to pass a technical control (after 4 years mandatory in Belgium) and I didn't pass with the Mishi, emissions were too high !! Had to switch back to default downpipe...
  16. Winter tyres

    Considering to replace my used Nokians to Michelin Pilot Alpine PA4 or 5 and now I saw they have a 6 but not clear at all what the differences are... anyone?
  17. Install PP Gauges on Non-PP Model - Recap

    In my case it was a change of setting from "sensor" to "transducer".
  18. Which Winter Tyres?

    Need to replace my Nokians, either with new ones WR A4 or Michelin Alpine. Anyone knows difference between teh alpine PA4 and alpine 5 (except the 5 is the new one :) ) Much better ?? as big price difference....
  19. Install PP Gauges on Non-PP Model - Recap

    Maybe they need a hint as they might not be aware of the potential... If all cars have the plug pre-installed as from 2016 it would at least be easy to get one gauge up and runing as I suppose even with the plug you need a tune for the oil pressure gauge (setting change from switch to transducer).
  20. 'Performance Gauges' for the EU Mustang

    I have a local tuner called BR Performance. What do you mean with OEM harness. If you have the cable with the plug in your car you can easily extend it with a Desktop PC power cable (eg to connect DVD player or cardreader, pic but with only one connector and no cable split (female/female)).