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  1. I-Drive throttle controller

    Has anyone tried one of these throttle controllers which are supposed give a better, quicker, throttle response? If so, how effective are they? Do they give a better drive? Are they worth the cost of around $300?
  2. Acceleration, normal vs sport plus

    I know changing the ‘mode’, changes throttle response. But does a 2018/19 manual GT accelerate faster in ‘sport+’ or ‘track’ mode than in normal mode.
  3. Seat belt guides

    If anyone is interested, I have a brand new set of seatbelt guides, the Australian (Mustang Mods) version, perfect fit, which retail for $149 plus postage. I’ll set these for $110 incl postage within Aust. Mob 0477 77 00 17 Canberra
  4. Diff temperature?

    I have an Oz spec Bullitt. It has the temperature switch mounted in the diff housing. Where and how do you find the diff temperature reading?
  5. Set quiet exhaust with mymode?

    Is there a way to set my mode to S+ but with the quiet exhaust setting? So I can have the ‘sports’ suspension but quiet exhaust.
  6. 2018+ reliability

    Given the bbq tick, typewriter tap and faulty timing chain tensioners (chirp) on many cars, how reliable is the latest incarnation of the 5lt coyote engine likely to be down the track. I would have thought that a company the size of Ford would have had these issues sorted prior to production.
  7. Exhaust material?

    What material does Ford use in the exhaust piping and mufflers on the 2018/19 V8 Mustangs, particularly the Bullitt, which I assume is the same as the rest of the V8 range.
  8. Matching Highland Green paint

    I’m having a couple of panels re-painted on my Highland Green Bullitt due to paint defects, but I’m concerned the painters may not be able to match the colour exactly. Has anyone had similar ‘touch-ups’, if so, how was the match?
  9. Paint on the Bullitt and GT

    How is the paint on your Bullitt/GT ? My Bullitt isn’t very good at all. One small chip in the middle of the roof. Several small bits of fluff or similar, not sure if they’re in the green paint or the clear. Couple of small scratches in the windscreen. I know these aren’t top quality cars, but...
  10. Removing dash trim

    does anyone know how to remove the aluminium trim above the glove box, the piece which goes from the dash vent across to the instrument assembly?
  11. 2018 v 2017 manual GT

    Given the extra power, why isn’t the 2018 GT substantially faster than the 2017 GT, with the same diff ratio? 0-60mph times seem very similar. Our rhd and euro market cars have less power than the US cars. Our 2017 Gt’s get 410hp (306kw) and the 2018 450hp (339kw)
  12. Steeds clutch spring

    Has anyone fitted the Steeda clutch spring to a Bullitt. Apparently the factory Bullitt spring is a lot heavier and has more coils. I’ve tried compressing it with long nose pliers, but I can’t. Any suggestions?
  13. Bullitt wheels

    has anyone changed their Bullitt wheels? Have you any photos to share?
  14. Aussie Bullitts

    Why don’t the Aussie Bullitts get the Bullitt exclusive floor mats? Are rhd mats available anywhere?
  15. Australian Bullitt

    which sound system is fitted to the Aussie Bullitts, B&O or the Shaker?
  16. My mode

    With My Mode, can you have the ‘sport+ display, but with normal suspension and quiet exhaust setting? I know you can set the exhaust, but what about the suspension setting? If so, how?
  17. 2018 exhaust settings

    Does the ‘quiet’ exhaust setting noticeably lose much power compared to say the ‘track’ setting
  18. 2017 manual performance v 2019

    Does anyone know how the 2017 manual gt compares to the 2019 gt manual acceleration wise up to 100mph
  19. How many Bullitts exported

    Does anyone know how many Bullitts are being built for export? Here in Australia we were limited to 700 units. How many were planned for the UK and how many for other countries. This was supposed to be a limited production model.
  20. Removing factory stripes

    can the factory stripes be removed from a 2019 GT without damaging the Ruby Red Duco and if so, how to do it? Is it risky?