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  1. Got an up close look at 3 Mach 1’s today.

    All 3 where the light grey with orange accents. 2 had the upgraded wheels and one had the normal black ones. Beautiful car no question. Love the upgraded wheels. The tips are absolutely enormous compared to my Roush tips. I wanted them. And the spoiler is very nice of course. Would I...
  2. Mak Cat deletes + Roush Cat back... Opinions?

    Obviously looking for more power with E85 and custom tune with my FI setup (already know rwhp getting). Whats the experience with overall quality of the sound?
  3. Boss 302 Flies off cliff

    Those cliffs scare the shit out of me. https://www.automobilemag.com/news/watch-crane-pulls-mustang-boss-302-cliff/
  4. Anyone gone Roush AB with Xpipe and Headers?

    How did it sound? I've been told that setup doesn't sound very good
  5. GT500 at dealership

    For anyone around Detroit, Hines Park ford will have a GT500 on display for the public to view next Wednesday from 4-8. Its open to the public. They claim they’re the first to have it on display. Ill be there. If you need a salesperson as a point of contact talk to Andrew.
  6. Roush and IAT reading

    Just got my Roush SC kit installed yesterday. When reading the IAT temp on the gauge it's reading consistently within 1 degree of the air temp. It was running about 6 degrees higher than the outside temp before. Can anyone tell me if the reading you get on the speedomter for IATs is correct...