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  1. Stangmode has 2021 CFTP

    If your kids were run over by someone speeding or drunk off his/her ass I'm sure you would sing a different tune. Or maybe that would be okay with you. Wouldn't want to offend anyone by calling out bad behavior. I for one had people close to me killed by drunk drivers. So yeah douche bag fits.
  2. Stangmode has 2021 CFTP

    This is to no one in particular, but if you watch early on, you can see how each guy becomes more of a douche bag as the YT hits add up. Each video after that tries to top the one before. The douche bag driving 170 mph and filming it is the worst of the trio, of him, stankmode, and speed phenomenal.
  3. Would anyone try lab grown meat?

    Ahhh... there it is, didn't take long to bring up politics 🙄. I'm out.
  4. Don't bother to order

    I just punched in Ford Mustang at my local dealership and a 2021 GT Premium popped up $750 dollars under MSRP. And at another Ford dealership two weeks ago the dealer tried to sell me a Mach 1 on the floor, but it was an automatic. So it depends on where you live. The sky is not falling.
  5. Lightning

    Why don't they just call it a Mustang and be done with it?
  6. Considering selling

    Vroom, and Carvana offered me much less for my 2015 Colorado with 116k miles on it. Dealership offered me more, then added 3k to what they offered me and put it on the lot.
  7. Considering selling

    If you go to a dealership, they can quote you a price. Like others have said it's a very good time to sell now. You hold the upper hand, if you go into the dealership be confident, they know what's out there in the open market. They will add about 4K to whatever they give you and that car will...
  8. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    My 14 yo daughter made this cake for Mother's Day.
  9. Pet Peeves

    When your friend (supposed) doesn't ask you to join him when taking a photo with Mario Andretti.
  10. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    Now that would've been funny to came home to that scene after a kid was sitting on your car earlier. I wonder which one would have passed/pissed him off more. Fun times.
  11. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    I really meant Camaro 😆
  12. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    Not to beat a dead horse (pun intended) its only material things. My kid scratched the side of my car with his bicycle handle and I didn't even call the cops on him or take him to court. One time a small rock flew up and hit my car, I didn't chase down the dump truck and shoot the driver. I just...
  13. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    Eeeerrr.... stop asking me questions about my beautiful car that stands out in a crowd 😤 leave me alone. I knew I should have bought a Kia.
  14. Slowly Hating The Appearance Pkg ..............

    This may be a good break for you. Now after seeing all those golf ball size dents in your rig, people will stop giving you compliments or asking you questions. A blessing in disguise indeed.
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Thanks. 20' wheels for 2017 GT Mustang. Just stock rims.