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  1. Weighted Shift Knob - which one?

    Want a new cue ball style shift knob, but can't decide on which one. I like the Hurst one as it's apparently larger in diameter, but not sure about the weight. Checked out all the options on American Muscle, LMR, etc. but need some suggestions. I currently have the GT350 knob but the way I...
  2. Canada - Ontario Ford OEM GT350/350R Shift Knob (Threaded for GT/Ecoboost/V6)

    Hey guys, I"m selling a used Ford OEM GT350/350R Shift Knob. It was purchased from CJ Pony Parts August 2021, and it's been used since but it's in perfect condition without any scratches/damages (The only imperfection is a slight indent on the grip towards the front as shown on the last pic...
  3. I wonder if there'll be S650 style tailights for S550

    Similar to the Raxiom Profile tailights, I wonder if anybody will come out with a S650 style which i'll cop if they do
  4. Jacking rails FTW!

    Made the job so much quicker/easier :)
  5. My winter warrior

    She’s a rock…haters gonna hate, but I love driving my car all 4 seasons
  6. Let's see dem chins...chin spoilers that is

    Hey y'all.... Looking at options for chin spoilers to add to my '21 GT base (non PP). I want something that can be affixed under my factory chin spoiler using screws (preferably not having to add additional holes, but fine if need be). Please post what you guys have. Eric
  7. Fitment of Decklid Panel?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if any of you have the same issue as I do (i will post a pic of it later when I get to my car) Basically, I noticed that the left bottom side of my decklid panel doesn't sit flush with the left tailight (while the right side sits perfectly aligned). I removed the...
  8. GT steering wheel emblem?

    Been trying to look for one for the longest time, and nothing available even on ebay, etc. Do any of y'all know any sites that offers this? Eric
  9. Winter Rims - which ones should I go with?

    Hey y'all....so my dilemma right now is choosing which rims to go with, and which colour. This is for my '21 GT Iconic Silver with Black Accent Package. My options right now are between these two sets of rims: Fast Wheels Replika R241: Fast Wheels Switch F212: Thoughts? Eric
  10. 2021 GT - brake too sensitive (on/off)

    Hey folks! Not sure how to phrase this properly, but for those with '21 GT's (base model so not the brembo's) do you find that your brakes bites really hard? Like there's nothing deliberate about it; when you hit the brakes it just bites down. I don't remember this being the case with my eco...
  11. Let's see some black wheels with polished lip

    I know a lot of people find these played out, but I'm definitely gonna go with this type of wheel come spring. Right now, I'm considering the Shelby CS-56's, and while I love them, I wanted a square set up and 19x10 (these wheels are 20x9 and 20x10; I can go 20x9 for all 4 as an option)...
  12. Wireless Charging Dock

    Came across this and looks damn clean, but a bit pricey especially when I suspect that it's just a charging pad and doesn't offer wireless carplay integration right? https://store.exoticponymods.com/products/integrated-mustang-wireless-charger-for-2015-2020-mustang
  13. Style of H-Pipe Res Delete

    Hey everyone! Slowly looking into putting a H-pipe and delete the res....one thing I never thought about is the "design" of the H pipe.... So you got the standard H (where the crossover pipe is practically right in the middle) like the Roush one...
  14. Idle Relearn

    Hey y’all, anybody know how fords idle relearn is done, can it be done on our S550 GT manuals, and how this is diff than a PCM reset?
  15. Are these vitals normal?

    I’m asking because I was driving earlier and my car stalled twice (first time I thought ok maybe it was my slip up letting go of my clutch, but second time happened when I was turning onto a street so it tripped me out) car is brand new with 450km thanks in advance eric
  16. Active Exhaust - Mode on Start Up

    Happy weekend everyone! I tried to look this up on this forum and youtube, but can't seem to find definitive answers to this. My 2021 GT has the active valve exhaust, and I usually toggle the exhaust mode to Sport every time I drive it . I do notice that some days, the car would start on...
  17. Self-Healing/Graphene Coating or Ceramic Coating?

    Hey everyone, As I'm gonna pick up the new lady in a week, I'm also set on getting my car ceramic coated. However, in talking with a buddy of mine today, he just got his car done with Self-Healing Coating called Revivify. I spoke with the owner of that shop and the product sounds pretty...
  18. Do y'all provide maintenance records with your trade in?

    Must be old age, but I don't remember whether I provided my service/maintenance records with my vehicle(s) when I trade them in before. Do you guys do? If so, my thinking is that I would cut out my personal info from all invoices, etc. Let's hear 'em people! Eric
  19. Wheels on a 69' Vette from Texas Metal

    Weird ask, but anybody seen wheels similar to these that would fit on our S550's?