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  1. So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

    Well, it's been a short run. Only had my car a year. Traded it for a 2022 Supra Premium yesterday. Thanks everyone for all your help. 👍👍
  2. Correct Push Pins 4 Radiator Shroud

    Are these correct for a 2021? GOOACC 150 pcs Push-Type Bumper Fasteners Rivet Clips-2 Sizes Universal Auto Clips & Fastener for Bumper Fender Clips Replacement-Fastener Removal Tool Included (150PCS Clip) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FVKLYP1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ZMHNN2D3WNDHZ72DX6Q7 Thanks!
  3. Empty Catch Can Help

    Can anyone show me how to empty my CC on my 21 GT. I just can't get it. Thanks.
  4. New Roush Update Coming

    A new tune update for 2021 Roush Stage 2 SC is coming end of week. FYI.
  5. Malfunction Indicator Light

    So, I opened up the Ford app and got this message. Nothing appeared on the dash. Should I do anything? Kinda has me worried.
  6. Torque Pro PID

    Does anyone have the PID for Oil Pressure? I can't believe Torque Pro doesn't have it. Thnx.
  7. What is IAT2?

    Apologies if this is a dumb question but what is IAT2? What does it measure? What is a good temp range? How do you keep it low? I'm asking because I finally got a top of the line OBD reader and with Torque Pro it has an IAT2 gauge.
  8. Torque Pro Settings

    Just installed TP. Sorry if this is a dumb question but how do I show IAT2 and my supercharger info? Thanks.
  9. FordPass Down on iOS

    Anyone else unable to log in on iPhone? I did a chat with Ford support and they said there's some issue happening. Pretty sucky.
  10. Lost DIC Nav Arrow

    When I was navigating using my Android phone I would get a nav arrow next to my gear number. Since switching to carplay I've lost the arrow. Is there any way to get it back? Thanks.
  11. Android Auto Stopped Working

    AA worked fine last week. I did the latest update and got in my car today. AA would not start. The button is there on the screen but pressing it does nothing. Anyone else experiencing this? So frustrating.
  12. Can't Activate Ford Pass

    Just switched phones and reinstated FordPass. App says I have to activate vehicle. But, no way to do it. No message appears on display. Nothing. All it says now is 'Activation Pending.' Need a little help. Thanks.
  13. New Sync Update Just Released.... Again.

    Anyone just get an email saying there's been a change to the SyncNav file you just downloaded and to download the new one?
  14. Any value in OEM steering wheel?

    Wondering if there's a market for my steering wheel?
  15. What's On Your Android Auto Screen?

    I've seen so many videos of folks with other cars that have tons of apps on Android Auto. Apps like Play Store, Torque Pro, Headunit Reloaded, and all kinds of stuff. I don't have shit. Like, just a few apps and they're mostly Google. I don't even have FordPass on my Customize screen. Do I...
  16. Headunit Reloaded

    Anyone use this App? Looks like you can do split screen and wireless Android Auto with it.
  17. Anyone use Laser Shifters?

    Wondering is anyone here uses a laser shifter and if so what kind. Have they ever saved you from a ticket?
  18. Why did my car go DING!?

    Went for a 25 minute drive and pulled into a parking lot. As I pulled in my car goes DING! Then... DING!.... DING!....DING!....... there was nothing in dash, no visual indication of anything. I checked everywhere. Just the sound. Shut off car. Restarted 20 minutes later. Sound gone. A little...

    For sale is Vicrez brand new never removed from packing Carbon Fiber side skirts w/ wings. $330 +$30 shipping OBO. The Vicrez logo is is on the bottom not top of side skirts.
  20. Fast Charging on AA/CarPlay

    One thing that's always irritated me is when I'm plugged in using Android Auto the phone loses more power than it gets. I found this little device and it's the bomb. It does Super Fast Charging on supported phones. https://www.tindie.com/products/rkoripalli/usb-c-powerdata-splitter/