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  1. South Carolina WTB side supports without fog lights

    Does anyone have the bumper side supports without fog lights? I'm wanting to delete my fog lights.
  2. South Carolina Wanted: 15-17 PP front bumper

    Need a front bumper asap. Ruby red a plus. Local to Columbia SC would be a miracle.
  3. Roll center question

    In the middle of installing a Steeda drag race k member and there are two holes for the front link (lower for stock position). Instructions say top hole is used to correct roll center on a lowered car. I have BMR performance springs and a Whipple, so the car is lower. Would using the top hole be...
  4. My somewhat budget friendly drag setup

    JMS Chip Savage wheels, 17x4.5 and 15x10. MT 28x10.5x15 stiff wall slicks. M&H bias ply DOT front runners 28".
  5. South Carolina WTB: AED knuckles

    Anyone selling a set?
  6. Those with T56 Magnum XL, what rear gear you running for drag duty?

    As the title says, I'm curious as to what everyone is running for rear gear at the track with a Magnum XL.
  7. 2016 PP GT too low for alignment after Whipple install.

    Need a little help here. I have a 2016 PP GT and recently finished installing my gen 3 stage 2 Whipple. My car will see lots of drag duty. Took the car for an alignment today and it's too low to mount the sensors to the tires without the clamping arms hitting the fenders and quarters. I...
  8. Another NA car breaks diff bolts...

    2016 Mustang PP GT with T56 Magnum XL swap. Installed a JPC line lock and ended up breaking the rear diff mounting bolts (BMR) on my fourth burnout attempt. I haven't looked at the front yet, but both rear bolts broke. The fronts may be damaged as well because the rear of the diff dropped down...
  9. Steeda k member

    Is anyone running the Steeda drag race k member? I'd like to hear some real world experience. How much weight was actually taken off? Anything out of the ordinary with street manners? Setting my car up for drag racing, but will definitely drive on the street from time to time. If it wasn't...
  10. Finally got some track time

    Went to the track Saturday. Hot, humid and DA was terrible. T56 gearing hurting times a little bit as well, but not bad for first trip out.
  11. Suspension suggestions based on what I already have

    This is about the rear suspension on my car. I want it to hook the best it can. Here's what I have so far: Steeda cradle centering kit Cradle lockout kit Solid vertical links BMR performance springs Adjustable toe links I'm looking at the BMR 762 kit. What else would you guys suggest for drag...
  12. Quickest manual S550?

    Anyone know what the quickest et is for a manual trans S550?
  13. South Carolina Standard V6 or EcoBoost rear brakes

    Anyone getting rid of a set of standard rear brakes?
  14. Possible option for 15" rear wheels?

    I've been doing a ton of research on different rear brake setups with the hope of stumbling across one that will allow the use of 15" rear wheels without breaking the bank. I've found that there appears to be 2 different rear brake options... 1. Performance pack 2. Standard I've also found...
  15. RT-S S71 15x9 with Baer brakes

    Anyone in here running the Weld RT-S S71 with Baer brakes 11" rear brake kit?
  16. South Carolina SOLD: DSS aluminum driveshaft for 15-17 GT MT82.

    New DSS driveshaft for 15-17 Mustang GT with MT82 manual trans. Brand new, never installed. Bought it and changed directions with the car, so I can't use this. Local pick up or can meet within reasonable distance of Columbia, SC. $700 OBO
  17. Magnum XL swap kit, best vendor to buy from?

    I've decided to ditch my MT82 for a Magnum XL, due to a very near future install of a Whipple. Main reasons for the swap are trans strength and use of safety bellhousing. I'm looking for a vendor who can sell me everything I need all at once and at fair pricing. Any suggestions?
  18. For those running an MT82...

    Are you concerned with NHRA requirements for a safety bellhousing? I'm trying to decide which way to go once I install my Whipple... built MT82 or another transmission. My concern is being "legal" to run per NHRA rules and my safety. Thoughts?
  19. Light weight full 3" exhaust?

    Anyone know of a light weight full 3" exhaust for '15-17? Looking to she some weight and free up exhaust flow for a soon to be installed Whipple.