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  1. Help identifying where carpet retainers go

    Beginning of the year I gutted the interior of the car due to a leak. FInally today I'm putting everything back together. I have a few left over pieces that for the life of me can't remember where they go. Anyone have any idea where These go? I have 4 of them and do not see where they would go...
  2. New Jersey Shift Knob with Ford Performance Logo

    Like New. Genuine Ford OEM knob. $50.00
  3. Another water leak found? 2015 GT

    Lately I've been finding puddles underneath my exhaust tips. Water isn't coming from the tips, but from above them, and running down the pipe. I'm hoping I don't have another leak, as I just got done fixing 3 of them (window seam seals, and third brake light). Anyone experience this, or know if...
  4. New Jersey 15-17 GT350R Leather Suede Steering wheel

    Great condition! Will need to transfer your wheel electronics over. $225.00
  5. New Jersey WTB Rear seat delete 2015

    Need one asap. Can pick up around northern NJ, or pay for shipping. Thank you!
  6. Need part number for retainer clips

    Anyone know the part number for these metal retainer clips? So many out there, it looks like a specific one for this panel. The part number for the panel is FR3B-6331013-ALW. Thanks for any help
  7. Water leak from wheel well

    So many leaks in this thing it's driving me crazy. So far 2 have been fixed. Front windshield seam, and third brake light. There is a leak somewhere coming from the wheel well area, and I notice puddels in front of the passenger rear tire even when it's not raining. The inside is bone dry, so I...
  8. Floor pan patches

    Removed carpet to try and find a leak, and am wondering what these patches cover? One is very brittle and is falling apart, and am not sure its the source. Thanks for any info
  9. Seat airbag dash light

    Hello all, Will reconnecting the battery after removing my seats trigger the air bag light? I know it triggers it removing them while plugged in. Door was left open while unplugging terminal so the window is cracked. I need it up. Thanks in advance for any info!
  10. New Jersey Ford Racing Performance Pack Front Control Arm Kit, BMR SP083R Track Springs, Ford Jounce Bumpers

    Brand new, never used. Ford Racing Performance Pack Front Control Arm Kit ( M-3075-F ) *SOLD* BMR SP083R Track/Handling Springs with Ford Performance Jounce Bumpers ( M-5570-B ) $150
  11. New Jersey Raceseng Slammer Brushed Engraved shift knob with adapter

    I have the box, just have to dig it out of the closet. $79
  12. New Jersey WTB Ford Performance Center Caps

    Ready to pay. Thanks
  13. New Jersey BMR Springs, FP Front Control Arms, Bearing assembly

    Need these gone. Never used Brand New BMR Handling Version Lowering Springs with Ford Performance Jounce Bumper Pack. $175 Brand New Ford Performance Knuckle to Toe Link Bearing Assembly *SOLD* Brand New Ford Performance Performance Pack Front Control Arm Kit $175
  14. New Jersey Long shot. Looking for the rubber caps for front struts

    Anyone have these, or know of a part number? Thank you!
  15. New Jersey delete

  16. New Jersey BMR Suspension SP083R Handling Lowering Springs (2015-2020 Mustang GT)

    Brand new in box. Springs never unwrapped. $180.00
  17. New Jersey Delete

  18. New Jersey Steeda S550 Mustang Camber Plates All (2015-2021)

    Brand new. Purchased directly from Steeda $175.00
  19. New Jersey Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Rear Shock Mounts - 12mm, Bump Steer Kit, Vertical Links

    Brand new never used parts. Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Rear Shock Mount - 12mm $175.00 Steeda S550 Mustang Bumpsteer Kit $175.00 Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links ( polyurethane bushings) $175.00
  20. New Jersey Koni Mustang Sport Yellow Adjustable Front and Rear Struts Shocks

    Pick up only in Warren County NJ (07840) Brand New never taken out of boxes Koni Mustang Sport Adjustable Front Struts and Rear Shocks. $700