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  1. Texas Roush coilovers - NEW

    is this still available?
  2. GT Schroth Profi II ASM 4 pt Harness

    Where are you located
  3. Comp stage 3 NA cams for sale--$1000 and free shipping

    why did you sell the cams?
  4. Oem headlights

  5. Oem headlights

    bump again lol
  6. Oem headlights

  7. Oem headlights

  8. Oem headlights

    completely stock OEM headlights. $1200 + shipping
  9. GT COMP Stage 3 N/A CAMS

    I can vouch for him. They are legit.
  10. MCS Coil Overs!

  11. Project 6GR 7 Spoke

    If you’re interested in selling the 4 19x11s wheels only I’m interested
  12. GT350 Gauges

    What side of Chicago are you on?
  13. **Sold** Advanti Hybris 19x9.5 with 285/35R19 Bridgestone RE71-R tires

    If you want to sell the tires separately, I’m interested
  14. GT350 exterior package

  15. WTB: 19x11 +50 squared setup

    also interested