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  1. Shifter For Automatic looks unnecessary? and gets in the way....

    I actually find this discussion funny in that way. Everyone in the "it needs a shifter, otherwise it's barely a car!" crowd forgets that exact argument could be made about having an automatic at all. Give it buttons like the supercars. A shifter in an auto (especially with paddles!) is simply...
  2. Ugh! My Back! ... Now what? Sell?

    This isn't true. There is a reason Ford puts the break in in the manual. Same thing with Corvettes, Vipers, Audis, BMWs and just about every other automaker that builds a performance car. Hell Lexus breaks in the LFA motor on a bench before it ever sees the car. Why would they do that if it...
  3. New Member - New Mustang + Shelby goodness inside

    That's one sexy ass lineup of cars right there. I dig the choice of wheels on the blue '17 as well. Good call.
  4. Who Wants a FREE Set of HRE Wheels ?

    You guys ever want to expand into Europe, let me know!
  5. Roush really stands by their product.

    I'll echo this. Roush has really been great for me so far.
  6. First oil change and break in for GT

    There IS a break-in procedure. It's in the manual. 1k miles, no WOT, no redline runs, don't labor the motor, no towing. Vary your speed and load on the motor, and avoid short trips where the engine doesn't get to operating temp. "Hard" break-ins are snake oil. There is a reason that the worlds...
  7. Bad Experiences With New 2016 Saleen Yellow Label

    +1 with the "Get a Roush" crowd, but admittedly, I'm biased. I will say this, my Roush had 3 minor issues when I took delivery, and Roush quickly worked with me to resolve them. They even went as far as talking directly with a local Ford dealer (non-Roush reseller, in a foreign country no less)...
  8. Introduce yourself!!

    I think hands down I prefer the convertible! However, in my current climate, the vert didn't make sense. However the main reason is I knew I wanted a Roush, and I couldn't find a vert. It was honestly my only hesitation when making the switch, but ultimately it was worth it!
  9. Shaker™ Pro Audio System vs. Premium 9 Speaker System

    FWIW, I didn't realize my 17 Stang would have the Pro sub. I was shocked at how good it sounded compared to my 14 (which didn't have the sub). If your not a total audiophile, I would say that the Pro is more than adequate.
  10. Whats on your keychain?

    I'm easy to please...
  11. Introduce yourself!!

    Hello all! I'm new to the site, but not to Mustangs. I've had an 05 GT vert, a 10 GT hardtop, and a 14 GT vert. Meet #4: 2017 Roush Warrior