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  1. WTB Steeda 55 4906 Front Lateral Links

    Figured i'd throw it out on here before I go to steeda and buy new. Anyone got some they either didn't put on or has low mileage? https://www.steeda.com/steeda-555-4906-s550-lateral-links-extended-ball-joint
  2. Illinois WTB: Diode dynamics taillight sequencer

    Anyone got one they don’t want anymore?
  3. Brand New PMAS 15-17 Tune Required

    Selling a New PMAS Intake. Asking $280 PayPal'd and Shipped. Located in the Chicago Suburbs! Let me know if you have any questions!
  4. Questions before ruining warranty

    Hey Guys, I'm starting to gather parts for a 18 manifold swap. Have my n-Gauge and a PMAS intake already, just need to buy my tune and the manifold itself. My 2016 is going to be running out of warranty due to time soon and am pondering getting an esp from Flood Ford. My question is, how...
  5. What Brake Pads?

    Hey Guys, What pads are you guys running on your performance pack mustangs? Car saw 3 auto crosses this year and a track day.
  6. For Sale: Tune Required C&L Racer CAI

    No longer needed, looking to go a different route with the car. Tune required. Looking for $225 shipped to lower 48!