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  1. Buy a new Mach 1 or a used GT350?

    I am looking to get rid of my 15 GT that has been great both on the street and the road courses. I need more get up and go. Always wanted a GT350, as they just sound awesome passing me under WOT on the straights. Of course now they are no longer in production. Still kicking myself for not...
  2. Anyone one here run at Area 27?

    I have followed this track since it was being built but I have never been there. It looks awesome being a fast 3 mile lap. I have an opportunity to run end of May and curious what people thought of it.
  3. Took Mom on the track

    From last Summer, finally got it up on You Tube.
  4. Code P2112

    For 2 years I have had an issue with my 2015 Mustang GT with the track pack going into limp mode at the track. I finally was able to pull a code P2112. I have searched and it sounds like either the TPS or the throttle plate motor is the problem but I have not really been able to find a...
  5. Canada - BC ZL1 Addons tow hook, SOLD

    This has never been mounted. $80 shipped to your door anywhere in US or Canada.
  6. Limp mode activated, 2015 GT PP

    So I know the 2015 does not have a temp sensor in the rear dif, but last weekend I had 3 separate occasions where the car went into limp mode, it actually had the wrench on dash and said "service". Here are some facts on this situation: Track : Pacific Raceways near Seattle Outside temps ...
  7. GT4, what a car.

    This was at the Mustang Round up at Pacific Raceways in Seattle.
  8. Gloc brakes....HELLO???

    How the hell are you supposed to get in touch with these people??? I want to order some of their pads but I can never get anyone on the phone, EVER! I have left messages and yet to get a call back.
  9. Any signs to look for if clutch master cylinder is failing?

    I'm talking leaks. I have had nothing but clutch issues with this car and just got a Excedy Mach 500 clutch and racing flywheel installed last week. Clutch is right to the floor to try and get clutch to disengage but it won't at a stop, you can't get it in first. Took it back to shop and...
  10. Track / street look

    I am thinking about getting some vinyl done to spruce the car up for track use. This would include numbers, flashy colours or designs and product labels. I seem to drive the car less and less on the street, seem to stay in the garage/shop under a cover. I would like to see what some of your...
  11. Inflated prices for Black Friday?

    I have been looking at getting a car cover on AM and today I noticed the sale price is based off of a price that is higher than what I looked at a few weeks ago. I also noticed the price of a McLeod RST clutch is over $800 regular price, I paid full price of $700 and change less than a year...
  12. Anyone running a McLeod RST and road coursing?

    I am on my second McLeod RST clutch after the first one developed a warp from a 3 hr day on a track. Now with the new one nicely broken in I took it to Pacific Raceways in Seattle for a total of 95 minutes on track and now it is exhibiting the same issues. The floating disc goes slightly cone...
  13. New McLeod RST clutch

    Brand new in box. Unlike the States, shipping is pricey for me up in Canada, so I am very firm on price of $625USD shipped.
  14. Autocross and now service advance trac?

    I have been autocrossing for about 15 years, but not in the last 2. I took my 2015 to the track to autocross it for the first time. Car ran great but I ended up with an alarm during my runs and the screen saying "Service Advance Trac". I had all babysitters off for my runs and was getting 1g...
  15. Is it me or is my Corsa Sport exhaust louder?

    So I have had a Corsa Sport cat back exhaust on the car for a year now and I swear it is much louder than when I first got it. Curious if others find the same with theirs? Still love it.
  16. Looking for 1" longer wheel studs for 2 wheels.

    Checking to see if anyone has some wheels studs sitting around. If not I will buy a new set.
  17. Need AM discount code quick

    I need to order a McLeod RST clutch today and would like to know if anyone has a valid discount code for American Muscle?? Hit me up, PM if needed.
  18. Where to buy a MT-82 input shaft?

    Suspect I twisted mine a while back and will be pulling trans soon. I hope it is not a dealer only item, or I will have to maybe find a broken trans donor. Also, what spline shaft does the 2015 GT have, 26?
  19. Where to buy wheel studs?

    I need studs for 2 wheels that are 15mm longer with the factory 14mm thread. Where is the best place to buy them?
  20. Where to buy longer studs?

    I need studs for 2 wheels that are 15mm longer with the factory thread. Where is the best place to buy them?