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  1. Stipe combo question?

    Has anyone done matte black FL stripes with Grabber blue pin stripes on an oxford white mustang? If so, can I see some pics. I'm thinking about switching pin colors. Thanks!
  2. It is snowing out of my AC vents...

    This morning on the commute to work, it started snowing out of my AC vents. Like blowing a substantial amount of snowflakes. I am assuming that this isn't normal. And as the AC system doesn't aid in handling or power, I know nothing about them. :doh:
  3. FS: SLP 4" x 2.5" SS tips

    These are $80 new from SLP per tip. I will do $65 total for both shipped anywhere within the lower 48 states. There are some miner surface scratches, but they should buff right out with very little effort. They have a 2.5" inlet, and the loud side is 4". Reason for selling is that I went with...
  4. Adding quad tips to the Stock premium Valance.

    Some said that it could not be done! Some said that I was wanting the impossible! Some said that they were vegan!! It was all untrue! First, I would like to thank N17 for the inspiration. Total time from start to finish was about an hour. My total investment, since I had the tools and...
  5. Aviator Mustang..

    I am by no means an artist.. I took the Kemal Curic sketch of the 2019 Lincoln Aviator and did my own spin of what the 2022ish mustang might look like, since it will share the Aviator platform. I think it is pretty close to what we will see imo. However, I think it is going to gain some weight...
  6. Shelby Hockey Jersey..

    Has anyone else able to buy one of these? I can't remember when I bought it, but it had to be when I still had my '14 GT500. I don't believe that they sold very many of these. This jersey is as nice as any of my authentic rink worn jerseys that I have collected over the years, from stitching to...
  7. FS: OE 2016 GT injectors

    Will split up into groups of 4 as well. Price lowered to $50 shipped with tracking for the set of 8. $27 for 4. More pics available at request.
  8. Aero with and without a square wheel setup ??

    So, I currently am running a 11.5" (305/19) rear, and 10" (285/19) front setup. I've been running courses like Mid Ohio (Summit and Shenandoah). I've fixed a lot of the oversteer with suspension geometry, and of course a slightly wider rear. Now, I have a APR GTC 200-Drag wing sitting under...
  9. FS: Several Coyote badges

    Prices includes standard USPS shipping. Add $5.00 for priority W/tracking. $50 for both V1 MF fender badges (Bottom pair, black/white) Sold $25 Space city v2 badge (Top right, nickle/white) Sold $20 MF V1 badge (Top left, black/white) All are slightly used and in like new condition.
  10. WTB: After market Muffler delete (Pipes only)

    I am trying to find a set of muffler delete pipes. I don't need tips or clamps. Or a really good deal on the whole kit if it's what you have. Thanks! Jeff
  11. Help me with colors?

    So, Right now I have bright yellow Brembo calipers. Should I strip and have them coated Ford blue to match the engine bay, or should I add some yellow to the engine bay to tie things together. All of the yellow in the engine bay is just a quick 10 min photoshop. See sig for current colors...
  12. Detergents in Flex-Fuel??

    I'm just trying to sort out how often I should run some Tier 1 93 octane through my coyote, or if it is even necessary. Are their detergents in Flex-Fuel at the pump that will keep things clean? I know that Ethanol at that level is very clean in and of it's self. But I just want facts on if it...
  13. Coyote in a 93 Foxbody..?

    A buddy of mine just bought a complete Coyote engine at Mustang week. He is wanting to put it into his 93 Fox. I'm going to assist in this build, but I am curious if anyone has done this on here. I'd like advice, and potentially a list of what it takes to make it work, so that I don't spend the...
  14. FS: RTR style rear side splitters

    These are the RTR style rear side diffusers from Ikon. They are knockoffs, but look just like the real thing imo. I'm not a fan of the look, so I never installed them. I have all of the hardware, and other than the one I took out for photos, the other side has not been removed from the original...
  15. FS: Coyote 25mm wheel spacers...x4

  16. FS: Ikon rear side splitters from diffuser kit.

    These came with my RTR style diffuser. Im not going to use them. Asking $50.00 OBO shipped to the lower 48 states. Edit: I put this in the wrong section.. sorry..
  17. WTB: SLP or Roush muffler delete pipes

    I'm looking for just the muffler delete pipes. I don't need the clamps or tips, so I am trying to avoid buying a whole kit. Will pay to ship. Thanks, -Jeff
  18. Last name??

    I'm doing so genealogy research, and my last name seems a bit scattered. It is Hoops. I think that is is derived from Hoopes, and that then comes from Hooper. Anyway, does anyone over the pond know anyone with the name Hoops? Thanks
  19. What size nipple is the PCV valves?

    Just need a quick question answered. I am away from my vehicle and need to know what size hose to buy for the PCV valves? I am eliminating the oe hard tube. Is it 3/8? Thanks!