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  1. Texas Parts for Sale

  2. Texas Parts for Sale

  3. Texas Parts for Sale

  4. Texas Parts for Sale

    Driveshaft is SOLD!
  5. Texas Parts for Sale

    Decided to take a change of direction and sell my PP2. I'll be back in the game soon enough. Buyer pays shipping. Steeda Sport Springs w/Magnaride - SOLD Steeda Caster Camber Plates - SOLD Steeda Rear Subframe Braces - SOLD Steeda IRS Support Bushings - SOLD
  6. Texas Parts for Sale

    Decided to take a change of direction and sell my PP2. I'll be back in the game soon enough. Buyer pays shipping. MGW X-Spec w/2 handles Long and Short & w/black stock knob adapter - SOLD Shaftmasters One-piece Driveshaft - $SOLD
  7. Texas Parts for Sale

    All parts are sold! Thanks!
  8. First Mods for PP2 with 75 miles on the odo.

    Nice ride! I already have 23k on mine and I love every minute of it. Texas Speed Catted Long System, JLT Cold Air, PBD E85 Tune, Steeda (Springs, Anti-Hop Kit, Camber Plates, Clutch Spring), Shaftmasters One-piece shaft, MGW X-Spec Shifter, Full Clear Bra w/Gyeon MOHS Coating Considering...
  9. Rev Matching Retrofit

  10. 2018-19 PP2 Wheel Size

    Ford offers different sizes of front & rear wheels over the counter. I have a buddy who told me this when he bought a set of PP2 wheels for his sons 401a A10. They are not cheap!

    I have a ton of all types of car guys stare at it for a while and tell me something is different about it, but they don't know what it is.. LOL A lot of complements but they are still confused on what is going on. LOL

    Kickass car man. I’m glad I’m not the only one modding and wearing it out! I love mine!! With this colder air we have been getting down here in Houston it’s like driving a different car. She pulls even HARDER!

    I daily mine with 10k miles here already. I replaced the SC2’s withe 4S’s on all four corners at about 500 miles along with Gyeon Ceramic Coating & Xpel for the frontend and mirrors. At 2k miles I installed a TSP catted long system, JLT, Shaftmasters DS, MGW X-Spec, Amsoil Trans Fluid, and PBD...
  14. Forgeline GA1R Open Lug 19x10.5" rotatable set with Hankook R-S3 305/30 19

    These would be great to have!! I want just can't have right now!!
  15. Article: The Ford Mustang Performance Pack Two Is What Happens When You let Engineers Tinker

    Great article!! I love my PP2. I drove a few GT350's pretty hard and I must say it was a hard decision. I just couldn't see paying the difference since I will not be tracking it a lot. If I plan to track it, I will just add the coolers. It was a great car in stock form, now it's a complete...
  16. Cars.com compare the PP1 vs PP2

    WOW! Although the PP2 was not a Drag car.. This is flat out embarrassing to even post. Hire a real driver and go back to testing. SMH
  17. FS: Brand New Forgeline GS1R Open Lug Wheels & Tires

    What a great deal! This shouldn’t last long...
  18. GT350 Shift Light on a GT

    Has anyone successfully installed the GT350/R shift light on a non GT350?