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  1. Lowering Springs Installation Labor Costs

    Sometimes shops throw out a “we don’t really want to do it, but give us an amount we can’t refuse and we will.” That’s what this sounds like to me. $500-800 is probably more in line with quotes if you shop around. Or buy all the tools yourself, learn about the car and you get to keep the tools.
  2. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    Kick the Honda into the driveway....unless that is your wife's vehicle. Can't you use some washers to make it flush?
  3. OEM Mach 1 HP Metallic Spoiler

    In reading the thread from the people who sourced the spoiler in Australia, the dealer was outsourcing the painting and stated it did not arrive from the factory painted. I don’t believe a painted OEM version exists yet.
  4. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    I bought a tire changer and balancer that should be arriving at the end of the month.
  5. Second-guessing my decision...

    You bought it already. Enjoy your car and try not to second guess your purchase.
  6. Is this a handling pack? Is it too late to order for MY22?

    Any Mach 1 will not be OK in the snow with the stock tires. No way I would try PS4s to handle snow - rain, yes, snow, no way unless it was a light dusting at best.
  7. Salesman told me I don't need to do a service @ 1600 Miles

    I won't wade into the "should you," "should not" debate; however, your advisor is 100% incorrect about voiding your warranty. There were specific consumer protection laws passed to enable individuals and other repair shops outside of the dealership to perform repairs. Look up Magnuson Moss and...
  8. M1 jerking while breaking or revving up high

    I would start by pulling the wheel off and inspecting the brakes. Could be they are sticking slightly. Can’t really help you on the first unless that caliper is sticking and somehow releasing when you are revving.
  9. 2022 mustang gt base tick/knock

    You registered to say you bought and already sold a unique 5 speed 2022 with bbq tick?
  10. If buying Long tubes , What or who’s fit the best?

    This would already be on my car if I knew the stupid check engine light wouldn’t come on. Little risky chancing it - seems like a 50/50 proposition that O2 extenders work and it is such a pain to install and then have to remove.
  11. Lost Gurney Flap Hardware - T20 Torx

    Check out this thread. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/2019-spoiler-replacement-gurney-screws.137740/page-6
  12. Local Dealer Has 4 FJG M1's

    I hope he likes them because at that price, he is going to have the same number on the lot by the end of the year.
  13. BMR sway bars (which setting?) And Steeda vertical links 😁 Bling pics!!!

    Start the sways in the middle setting and go from there. Are you doing springs as well?
  14. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    Looks like you ran over your basketball hoop or had a visit from Shaq.
  15. Maryland WTB 18+ axle back

    I have a never installed Corsa 21040BLK. I could sell you the axle back and hang on to the x pipe. It is the Corsa Extreme with black tips, no valves.
  16. Howdy folks! Coming from a C7 Zo6 and GT350

    I have the GT350 and owned/sold a 2019 Z06. I just bought a Mach 1 so can’t say too much about it’s reliability yet, but I have heard anecdotally the bbq tick can be addressed using 5w-30 with higher boron content like Pennzoil Platinum Ultra. That is my plan, I’ll see how well it works...
  17. Mach 1 Car Cover

    Should have looked at this thread. Verified cover was in the trunk, left the dealership, and see a big fat cobra logo on mine. Looks like this is for a GT500 with high wing. :crazy:
  18. Placing Order Soon - What Should I Know Before?

    Verify they have an allocation.