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  1. Wheel Alignment

    This is how I did mine
  2. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

  3. 1st service milage?

  4. 1st service milage?

    It can come on anytime between 3-10k depending on driving , there is a section in your handbook do not just reset it change it , I have averaged 6k miles between changes over the last 5 years
  5. UK modification & tuner shops

    I thought it was the supercharger supplier I:e Roush that honoured the manufacturers warranty in the US not ford and that’s why their usually slightly detuned
  6. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Fitted HP front splitter
  7. Performance pack 2 front lip

    It certainly does all holes are there so 20 min job
  8. Handling Package spoiler

    Is the OEM part installed gloss black or magnetic
  9. Performance pack 2 front lip

  10. Performance pack 2 front lip

    Managed to get a Mach1 front lip from my local Ford dealer
  11. Rotar choices and Black Friday Sale

    I have fitted EBC as they are readily available in U.K. at a fair price
  12. Fender trim mach 1

    Hi yes the TPMS is a different frequency in U.K.
  13. Performance pack 2 front lip

    Is the PP2 front lip spoiler the same as the Mach1 HP if not will it still fit
  14. Base Mach 1 HP/GT500 Spoiler fitment

    Is this the ford spoiler or the aftermarket that nemesis sell cheers
  15. Mach 1 up for £75k 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    They had 2 when I collected mine 3 weeks ago a manual and a auto in FJG , they had registered them so they could increase the price and was told mine was the last unregistered Mach1 that they was going to sell. I paid £58k grabber yellow auto
  16. Highest Mach 1 chassis number

  17. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Got this last month
  18. Fender trim mach 1

    @LevittownFordParts Looking at getting these wheels can I get a code cheers
  19. Mach 1 strut tower brace

    Nemesisuk are suppling them
  20. For those looking for HP wheels....

    Steeda now have these in stock