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  1. Roush Axle Backs for sale.

    Provisionally sold.
  2. Carbon rear spoiler for sale.

    eBay job, cost me £170 at the time, only after £50 as these are cheaper now on eBay. No drilling just use 3M type tape to attach as very lightweight. Can post at extra cost or collection from york.
  3. Wheel spacers 20mm and 25mm for sale.

    4x Mustang 2015-2021 wheel spacers for sale, Coyote branded items, one pair 20mm, one pair 25mm. I found this to be ideal for use with the Michelin tyres having such a big sidewall. 25 on the front and 20 on the rears. £100 inc postage or collection from York.
  4. Maxton Front Splitter for sale.

    Maxton front splitter for the 2015-2017/18 GT, has been previously repaired as shown in the pics and then painted in a black textured finish to match the original splitter. Not noticeable when fitted. Just attaches with either self tapping bolts or rivets to the existing splitter. £60 collection...
  5. Roush Axle Backs for sale.

    As description, set of Roush axle backs for the 2015-2017/18 S550 GT. Tips in great condition, been on 2.5 years no problems. These are £814 new now from Nemesis! But you can have them for less than half that at £350. Ideally collection from York as I really don’t want to have to post these!
  6. Grabber Blue Decklid Emblem.

    Genuine MF Autodesign Coyote Howler metal emblem in Grabber Blue/Black. (Not the cheap plastic ebay/wish item) This thing is heavy like a gold bar. Brand new unused with 3M type double sided pad on the back. Cost me nearly £70 with shipping and taxes from the US. £40 inc postage.
  7. Massive price hikes on used Mustang models

    Sold it to the Ford dealer in York, I did have two other Ford dealers competing for it though so clearly in demand for stock cars currently. And yeah if there’s anything you can yank off then do so!
  8. Massive price hikes on used Mustang models

    Mines going on Monday, got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Will be a few parts for sale next week on the classifieds :like:
  9. Massive price hikes on used Mustang models

    Hence why I’m gonna move on now while trade in prices are high:like:
  10. Massive price hikes on used Mustang models

    Valuation going up even more next month, difference of 3k between now and June :shock: snapshot of the cap valuation site today for my car...
  11. Massive price hikes on used Mustang models

    I’ve been offered 31k for my 68 plate 2017 model GT with 10k miles on it. Tempting, even more tempting to sell it privately for nearer 34k which is only £1000 less than I paid for it brand new 2.5 years ago.
  12. Hi & Decision Time

    Had the GT 2.5 years now, times flown by! PCP deal ends in November so need to either sell it, trade in for something else or just finance what’s left to pay. I’ve been on furlough for 14 months now so I’m kinda stuck in limbo currently and can’t commit to any car decisions. Thank you, They do...
  13. Hi & Decision Time

    The white undercoat was what made the difference in road tax believe it or not, opting for another colour took it over the 40k threshold :giggle:
  14. Hi & Decision Time

    This guy knows the score :like: And you basically get the mods for free!
  15. Hi & Decision Time

    Saves you money and time, plus it’s only £150 a year road tax :rockon: let me know if you change your mind as it’ll be going in the next few months either way, price is negotiable :like:
  16. Hi & Decision Time

    I’d sell you mine for less than that! Auto GT, all factory options, 68 plate, 10k miles. Roush exhaust, eibach springs/spacers, drake spoiler, Maxton splitter, yours for 34k :like:
  17. Hi & Decision Time

    Used Mustang prices are on the up it seems, used valuations have gone up by about a grand in the last few months. Good news for sellers not so much for buyers, and there seems to be not many brand new cars in dealer stock at all. Thinking about maybe selling mine after summer, fancy something...
  18. Mustang Photo Thread

    See you there:like:
  19. Mustang Photo Thread

    Few Stangs from this morning at The Motorist Hub cars n coffee meet.
  20. Mustang Photo Thread