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  1. New/Late 2019 GT350 owners Now what? Sharing MY'19 observations, break in, and mods topics

    Since model year 2019 (MY'19) GT350 deliveries dragged on so long some of us have fairly low miles and are just forming opinions & observations. Even the early recipients of theirs have barely had more than a season+ with them. The MY'19 has some changes (i.e. handling pkg & tires) that are...
  2. 2019 Handling Option - FP Camber plate - install or not?

    Hi, Wondering if anyone with a MY 2019 that opted for the OEM handling pkg has had their camber plates installed. OR if they have knowledge of any alignment interval disadvantages in installing them especially when mostly going to see street use. I assume some like me opted for this pkg becuase...
  3. "I was born ready, Mr Shelby...hit it" (Then Carrol schools him)

    Ford vs Ferrari....Hollywood as heck and I love it - the Stones track (Gimme Shelter) is perfect This preview gave me chills I gotta admit (fanboy? guilty as charged). Great cinematography - greatest cars - can't wait.