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  1. Problems after removing a whipple setup

    Old thread, but I just went through this. This pointed me in the right direction. Thanks a bunch. I originally changed tire size through the tomahawk while the whipple was on. When I removed the whipple and flashed back to stock with FJDS, the factory tune wasn't happy. P0630 and U0422 were...
  2. S550 engine removal

    If you're going to be doing a bunch of work, pay the $21.95 and get a motorcraft service subscription for 72 hours. You get access to all the service manuals.
  3. Pennsylvania 2018 - 2022 Mustang Procharger Stage II w/ Factory Airbox (1FW613-SCI) P1SC

    https://www.fordmuscle.com/tech-sto...ng-prochargers-stage-ii-p-1x-on-a-20-mustang/ Posting this link separately to help answer some buyers' questions. It is basically the same kit other than the head unit. Getting lots of questions since this CARB kit is slightly different.
  4. Pennsylvania 2018 - 2022 Mustang Procharger Stage II w/ Factory Airbox (1FW613-SCI) P1SC

    Still available $5000 Picked up Open to offers for shipping as well
  5. What can we do for You?

    I'm looking for the part # for the purge valve on a 2018+ GT. Not a bullit or mach1, as I believe they use the old style. Everywhere I look has it listed as that old style. I believe the new one comes with a hose on it. Thanks.
  6. Pennsylvania 2018 - 2022 Mustang Procharger Stage II w/ Factory Airbox (1FW613-SCI) P1SC

    Selling a lightly used Procharger stage II carb kit # 1FW613-SCI with P1SC. This is a complete kit and is fully functional with no mechanical concerns. Long story, but I ended up going a different route and may end up selling the car all together. But that’s another issue. Kit is about 2...
  7. The whipple wait

    When I got my shipping notification it was on the way. I think they may have finally caught up.
  8. Who Let's Their Dog Sleep In The Bed?

    Two Weimaraners (60 and 70 lbs), the wife, myself, and usually a 4 year old in our bed... The dogs are the easy ones to sleep next to.
  9. The whipple wait

    Mine was cracked right at the top, also overnighted me a new one.
  10. How many miles per full tank are you getting with your SC/ turbo car ? Mine is 150 per 93 tank? Normal ?

    Whipple tune and I seem to get 10-12 mpg in the city, which is primary where I drive.
  11. Need help finding cause for lean condition at Idle Whipple 3.0 Gen 5

    If your kit Is a 5 bolt pulley kit (new casting design), do you recall any issues with the blower to head bolts? The 80 mm bolts (inside with o-rings) and the 55 mm (outside) bolts were not the correct size for my kit. The bolts would bottom out and weren't threaded the whole way.. I had to...
  12. The whipple wait

    Enjoying it every day! Thanks. (127 pages of "Edelbrock troubleshooting manual" leads me to believe their kit is far from perfect either.)
  13. The whipple wait

    $10K for an edelbrock is the only joke number I see in here
  14. Who has installed their own supercharger

    Do it yourself. It's not difficult, just time consuming. Take your time and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, give them a call or email. They are very helpful, as are most guys on here. They have updated their kits recently, but unfortunately some of the instructions...
  15. GT500 Cooling Fan Upgrade?

    Unfortunately I have not. Info seems to be very difficult to come by on the GT500.
  16. GT500 Cooling Fan Upgrade?

    So after doing some more research, I'm not sure if this would even work. It's about $600+ and not in stock anywhere. It's still up in the air whether or not it would even fit. I also cannot tell if this is a 2 speed fan or variable speed. The stock GT fans run either together on low speed...
  17. Roush Upgrade options? Minimal cost

    What is your ultimate goal here? The Roush kit may not be the most efficient or most powerful, but you can still make a lot of power out of it. Look into aftermarket tunes, smaller pulley, fuel upgrades, Roush cooling upgrade, etc... Unless you've already done all that and have a built motor...
  18. GT500 Cooling Fan Upgrade?

    The fan itself only helps in traffic, yes. But with all those flaps on the GT500 housing, it surely moves more air at speed than the standard GT. It would have to considering the heat load on the GT500.