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  1. tire question

    For some reason the PS4s come in the front OEM size but do not come in the OEM rear tire size and never have (305/35/19). You can get them in 295/30/19 and 305/30/19 to have the same tire all around and many do but your car is lower and to some of us the car is already low enough! So if you...
  2. GT350 R model sightings in the wild

    Sent my daughters off to college with an MT 2003 Toyota Tacoma. Whenever a friend wanted to borrow it they said "sure if you can drive a manual transmission". No takers in 8 years. Unfortunately when anyone needed some furniture moved, they were the go-to's.
  3. FL auto insurance rates for GT350/GT500

    I'm a walker so wouldn't know. Are you required to have golf cart insurance in FL? Is it only necessary if you play speed golf?
  4. FL auto insurance rates for GT350/GT500

    Are car insurance premiums regulated at all by the state where policies are issued? Have no love for insurance companies nor multi-million dollar corporate salaries but perhaps the increased rates of vandalism and theft (with lack of criminal accountability) in addition to weather related events...
  5. GT350 Oil Consumption Diagnosis Process

    Interesting you say it passed leak down test first go around and failed when rechecked. Ford authorized a top end breakdown and then authorized a completely new engine. I'm no mechanic but if they are going to replace the entire engine rather than rebuild the top end, am I correct in assuming...
  6. 2017/18 gt 350 or….

  7. Is a tracked vehicle a dealbreaker?

    As far as scraping the splitter you will learn quickly if you haven't already to take most inclines at an angle.
  8. Is a tracked vehicle a dealbreaker?

    Curious if the seller logs onto M6G and is watching this whole conversation.
  9. Getting near that depressing time of year-Winter storage

    Found it for those who haven't been around since the early days
  10. Getting near that depressing time of year-Winter storage

    Ha ha. Somebody should post that video of them testing the GT350 that was out in 2015 with the snow blowing all over the engine compartment!
  11. it too late ??

    Always wondered about extended warranties. Got one on my 2017 for 7 years/100,000 miles (thus only 2 years beyond factory) drive train only for $1500 because of unknown factors on the FPC and because it was new. Otherwise, although it's a crap shoot, the warranty companies make money off buyers...
  12. Getting near that depressing time of year-Winter storage

    Everbody has their own mice ridding method. After my first winter storage took the car in for new tires and the tech called me over to the car and pointed out a mouse nest in the top of the strut tower support. Had used poison, dryer sheets, the old peanut butter baited stick over a bucket of...
  13. Winter insurance info

    I have State Farm as well. They allow you to suspend your insurance for as long as you wish but keep the property damage portion of the policy in case its stolen, the garage collapses and catches on fire, etc. Definitely do so and save a few bucks.
  14. I'm back.

    Congratulations! Great find. Not sure if a car that sat around for 4 years needs anything special done other than to break it in properly altho tires that old could have some issues if rode hard I suppose. Wouldn't worry about the gen1 as many have no problems with them. Was there a warranty...
  15. Had to Jump Start...Bat?? Let's Troubleshoot

    Am I correct in stating that even when parked modern car electronics put a drain on batteries that will discharge them over time and shorten battery life compared to older vehicles without all these features? I keep my tended for 5 months of winter hibernation for that reason rather than...
  16. Daily drivers: highest mileage gt350

    Love the post @Instant Karma. That's likely the car I suspected previously reported, driven around the country and to multiple tracks and sold with over 100,000 miles? No one else has reported using an additive to reduce oil consumption that I know of. Why Cera Tec? Out of warranty so I suppose...
  17. Daily drivers: highest mileage gt350

    No problem with whatever input there is on this thread but curious if numbers are out there for Gen 1 voodoos with most mileage sans engine replacement. Believe there was one with over 100k and given over 5 years now might be others. Mine's at 45k but I can only drive it 7 months a year. I...
  18. GM Engineer about the 350 fpc.

    I love these threads with their learned opinions and friendly banter even though they've been rehashing the same issues for 7 years now. Okay maybe not so friendly at times. Lots of what if Ford did this or should have done that and some notable bad experiences. Yeah the voodoo may be more prone...
  19. I think I've had enough of the 350......

    Some cars just have gremlins. Emotional attachment just enhances the frustration. Suggest you accept your poor luck and dump it before you become a hater. Maybe consider another GT350 or move on.