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  1. Base GT brake rotor revision? Vents on the inside?

    Here’s another related thread discussing part numbers:
  2. 2021+ 4-piston rotors?

    Here’s an explanation for the vanes being on the wrong side:
  3. Base GT brake rotor revision? Vents on the inside?

    My ‘22 has the vanes on the backside of the front rotors and the frontside of the rear rotors. The fronts look like they still have a pretty substantial shield on the back though preventing the vanes from doing their job.

    Picked up a Grabber Blue California Special yesterday as an early 40th birthday present for the wife. The manual and the sound are too much fun!
  5. Hold ‘Em or Fold Em - GT v Mach 1 v ?

    Well, it looks like I’m going down with the S550 ship. In the end, I caved and bought my wife a 2022 convertible California special in Grabber Blue. A Mach 1 would have been preferable for me, but this was her dream car. She didn’t want the performance pack either since the summer tires would...
  6. Being smooth while driving M trans?

    When I was a kid I would practice going through the gears with the clutch and shifter as fast as I could when the car was off. As an adult, that seems to have paid off for me. I also shift by vibration feel and drivetrain sound as others have mentioned. I only use the tach to make sure I don’t...
  7. New 22GT, is this the known bbq tick??

    I had a 5.0 F-150 that would quiet down when I used premium. Good to know that full synthetic can help too.
  8. Rules are rules???

    I like the black Mach 1s quite a bit. Not typically a fan of that color.
  9. Hold ‘Em or Fold Em - GT v Mach 1 v ?

    That would be a bit more reasonable at $3k. The car I was looking at has been wrapped and likely thrashed a bit so it would be more of a daily driver versus a garage queen or a track car.
  10. Hold ‘Em or Fold Em - GT v Mach 1 v ?

    I had the bright idea to pick up a local GT350 that still had the original 3/36 warranty active so that I could get an extended warranty. I thought if I got the Gen 2 engine with a 2019 or 2020 it would be a bit more reliable, but I was still concerned enough to want the warranty. It turns out...
  11. Considering a 2022 GT Premium

    How is there still a ‘21 for sale? That’s a nice price too.
  12. Want to hear a joke? 30k+ ADM

    Someone recently made a statement on this thread to the effect of “no one has ever regretted buying a GT500”, which seemed a bit over the top to me. So, I wandered over to to see whether that was actually true. Lo and behold, it does seem to be an accurate statement. People say...
  13. Want to hear a joke? 30k+ ADM

    My wife grew up with Mustang posters on the walls and multiple people in the family, other than myself, work for or retired from Ford so I guess I pick my battles.