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  1. Been doing edits for our customers at our shop and just wanted to share! Progress!

    As we get a lot of cool vehicles in I have been dabbling in photoshop and lightroom. Always start with a basic picture of the car and go from there. Has made great screensavers and the customers love seeing them! Just wanted to share!
  2. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – February 2023

  3. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – February 2023

    Took the picture myself of a customers car. Added a little flare
  4. Whipple Metrics

    I'm not sure when it became e85 or nothing? E85 is the least consistent fuel being that when you hit the pump it can be e80,e90,e75 etc. We choose race fuel like c16 because its always the same and tested. We have been tuning for over 25 years, and where did you get the knowledge to say we...
  5. CARB legal CAI for '22 ecoboost? apparently the 22 mustangs makes 10 less hp and tq because of something added in the intake for emissions which is why you can't swap it out and be carb legal.
  6. Whipple Metrics

    Car 1 and 2 don't make any sense due to the catless car making more power with the cat delete even though it will lose some torque. Being car 1 has a can tune its probably losing on performance where car 2 has a custom tune. As for car 3 there is so much needed to run e85 including the fuel...
  7. Steeda's Race Car Development - Build Thread

    Nothing better than functional hood vents and aero.
  8. Low Oil Pressure Light After New Engine Install

    You want to make sure the oil sending unit is on tight and is functioning. There was a thing back in the day with mobil 1 oil being very thin and causing these lights to trigger so its possible the oil you had put in is just making the light react as well?
  9. Extended Warranty....your take?

    I found that everything I needed fixed was not covered like clutch, brakes, general maintenance. Really got no use out of it.
  10. Broken Paddle Shifter

    Did you ever get the wheel off? I imagine it has to be a wiring issue or some programming not communicating.
  11. DRL Weird Issue

    Whats done to the car? Have you messed with any wiring? how does the wiring coming from the light look? any breaks in the wire?
  12. Stuttering

    I would double check spark plugs, coil packs, wires. Make sure they are all oem. From there I would make sure you didn't get a bad batch of fuel. Is the car tuned? Any modifications? any other codes or problems? Last service?
  13. Help me !!

    Someone in PA is selling one for $175 unpainted on facebook marketplace
  14. Texas WTB SUPERCHARGER 15-17 GT

    Not sure if you want a new or used kit but we have them at
  15. Help! Misfire again after Ford visit.

    I always recommend getting the diagnosis from a ford performance/race shop. The dealers hire people that are usually sub-par unless you find the 1 unicorn dealer. Once they tell you what the problem is, then you go to the dealer and say X is the problem, fix it. We are a ford race shop and see...
  16. Need Help please

    What are the codes? I always prefer the read the exact code language. also what brand downpipe?
  17. Gen 3 coyote passenger engine side rattling noise

    I see you have a JLT Catch can. The hoses I find are usually subpar and the connections can tend to be loose. That would make a vacuum leak and possible make a noise like this. Outside of that my initial instinct is temperature. Metal Contracts in cold and expands in heat so it possible a clamp...
  18. Found this metal on my oil plug. What is this?

    I'm just here to say if I pulled my plug and saw that I would be $hittin bricks lol That's a close one for the books. I couldn't sleep at night knowing I would drive this thing the next morning without dropping the pan.