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  1. Infotainment Sync3 Upgrade and Battery Drain

    After installing this upgrade, my car has been experiencing battery drain. I installed last Wednesday and Friday the battery was dead. It was only a year old. We tried charging it and the charger said bad battery. So I went and took the battery for a swap, since it was under warranty, that...
  2. Cervini Hoods

    To all who have purchased pre-painted hoods from Cervini… how was the paint? Good match? I have a Magnetic Metallic Mustang and am looking at getting the stalker hood. Wondering if I should go unpainted or if will pre-painted do
  3. Bolt size?

    What size are the bolts on the trans-side of the driveshaft for a 2015-2017 automatic? Could they be a 12 point 12mm? Any help would be great. TIA
  4. Popping Noise After GT Front Brake Conversion on S550 V6

    Hoping someone can help me out here. Not sure is making this sound. Possibly the pad shifting? Could this be due to not enough grease on the back of the pads? It only happens after going forward and braking the first time, after going in reverse. Same thing when going in reverse and braking...