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  1. Wipers

    I use Bosch Icons (22OE and 20OE), about time to replace my current pair though - lasted about 3.5-4 years.
  2. Open lid Roush CAI... did I mess up?

    Doubt it'd be significant, but they must have made the change for a reason (probably better seal and temperatures).
  3. GT spoiler on a EcoBoost?

    Pretty sure most of the spoilers use the same mounting holes, definitely true for the base style ones.
  4. Mach 1 chin for 2017?

    I like it, lowers the appearance of the front end a good amount and looks more substantial than the little one mine came with.
  5. Mach 1 chin for 2017?

    To maintain the color (at least on mine), basically have to maintain it like your tire shine or whatever other black plastics you maintain on the car.
  6. End of an adventure :(

    Not sure what you mean "besides spark plugs, tune, and fuel system" but if you're removing big components then you'll definitely want to revert the tune and if you're not reverting the tune to stock, I hope you're including the tuner with the car when it's sold. The only thing you wouldn't...
  7. V6 Exhaust

    You can definitely make your V6 sound better, I like the way my car sounds and it doesn't drone or any of that and definitely not as raspy as some of the ones out there.
  8. Windshield Tint worth it???

    I think it'd be fairly easy for them to put blame on you not seeing a car because of your tint being completely illegal - nothing below the A1S line. Just like they could put you partially at fault for being rear ended if you tint your tail lights. That said, I've got 20% non-ceramic on the...
  9. 2017 v6 mustang 500hp goal

    AMR Turbo kit is definitely the way to go on the Cyclone for power. You'll be able to get 500 easily with that on 93 and have no problem pushing higher than that with E85. If you want it with a Procharger, you'll have to go down a few belt sizes and it'll be a lot harder on the engine. If you...
  10. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    I like the appearance of the Mach 1 wheels more for sure, but the Apex would be a lot easier to keep clean in general.
  11. 2016 V6 header compatibility?

    Ford has no official support for the V6, everything is only tested on the Ecoboost and GT but 95% of the parts fit across the board. Not sure what you mean here, headers will fit any 3.7 from like 2011-17. 2015-2017 are 100% identical between the years.
  12. Show me your smoked taillight setup (18-21 GTs)

    Haven't seen those before, but what about paying a shop $50-100 to put the covers on for you? Not ideal price, but still saves you $5-600.
  13. Twin turbo 3.7 mustang

    I addressed that in my original post: There are some ways to make it work, but then it's not really a budget friendly endeavor anymore. @SouthernCyclone did it as an example. But unless you're doing all the extra work he did, you're probably going to blow your engine with anything over...
  14. 2023 New ZO6 Corvette 670 hp NA

    Finding one to buy "right now" and being able to order one under 100k are two completely different things unfortunately. Right now is carrying a hefty markup on the C8s.
  15. 2023 New ZO6 Corvette 670 hp NA

    They've said the difference would be similar to previous years so 40-50% premium on the base car. So $63k for base to $88-95k. It'll crack over 100k with all the taxes added in for everyone most likely. ADMs make it another thing entirely, but as mentioned there's plenty of dealerships that...
  16. Twin turbo 3.7 mustang

    I'd just go with an existing turbo kit instead of trying to make your own. Twins aren't common on the platform really, aside from kits that adapt the Ecoboost twin turbos which are more for torque than high horsepower (though you can modify them more and do both). Auto Mafia has two options and...
  17. Noise when turning - solved

    Unfortunately I do not have any pictures, but GT headers would be a completely different shape and maybe path a bit.
  18. Title process

    Just wondering how the title process works down here, this'll be the first car that I fully pay off and I'm thinking of giving up on a little bit of 0% interest loan to "own my car for Christmas." So just wondering how early I would need to make the payment to really make that happen. Then what...
  19. Upshift paddle and arm rest part numbers

  20. Upshift paddle and arm rest part numbers

    I've noticed my upshift paddle not working all the time anymore, no rhyme or reason for when it's working or not - sometimes it'll be the first try, other time it takes 4 presses. Can I get a replacement for this by itself or is it part of a bigger replacement piece? Also have a crack forming...