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  1. Are Millennials More Likely than Boomers to Fix Their Own Cars?

    I often wonder how I used to fix things with common knowledge (how did I find that group knowledge back then?)! I know it existed back then!
  2. Are Millennials More Likely than Boomers to Fix Their Own Cars?

    Good points here. I'm a retired Ford tech, but I can tell you I won't be changing a clutch in my garage, on my back. I'll pay for it. I did replace the axle thrust washers myself despite having an extended warranty, the cost was less than the deductible and I didn't have to wait in line. On top...
  3. Trunk light

    It's not normal, the light should be on.
  4. Code Reader for Suspension Fault

    That's great! Thanks for letting me know!
  5. I don't get this

    The nerve of her, parking inside the lines of a public parking spot! In the past you would have damaged someone's vehicle over this and you think she has the problem? FFS!
  6. Sync Splash Screen

    You do not lose the splash screen, I did this upgrade last month, it worked great! BTW, I couldn't upgrade to 3.4 via Ford either on my 2017 GT.
  7. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    The mod you made to keep the fog lamps on with high beams is modifying the BCM (Body Control Module) I've never heard of the modification you're looking for, the spreadsheet linked below is as comprehensive as I've found. It's for F-150s, but the options are all the same across all Ford vehicles...
  8. Ford Recall 2015-2017 mustangs for Backup Camera Issues

    See the attached picture (not my car), the harness rubs in the circled area and causes breaks. About an inch in, the harness is attached to the body, I just removed that connection and let it sit loose, now it doesn't rub. I can't think of the term right now for the plastic piece that's taped to...
  9. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    That's not how the mod works, it's to KEEP the fog lights on with high beams, not to turn them on with high beams. I highly doubt the BCM even has the logic to do what you're looking for. You'd have to remove the fog lamp circuit from the BCM and wire a relay in.
  10. Ford Recall 2015-2017 mustangs for Backup Camera Issues

    They do not need to remove that panel. Basically all they are doing is making the rear decklid harness longer by adding an inch or so near the rear speakers. The are cutting the entire harness and splicing in a new one, which is scary enough. I've already pulled the harness mount out so I don't...
  11. Code Reader for Suspension Fault

    Forscan will read the codes on all modules.
  12. Forscan info

    There are quite a few threads here, here's one
  13. Replacing OEM battery?

    The OEM battery has been working for six years? I'd go with that one!
  14. Which Car(s) do you regret getting rid off

    I hit some ice and lost an argument with a bus! The short block I had ordered came in two days later!
  15. Replace Door Speakers Or Rear Deck Speakers?

    I bought a set of Focal RCX-165s, intending to put them in the rear deck, but I'm wondering if they'd be better in the doors. I have the 9 speaker setup, and as anyone with it knows, when you fade to the back, there is almost no sound. I'm wondering if it's the speakers or the signal the DSP is...
  16. Cheaper to "fuel up" ICE than EV

    Is there a ICE version of your vehicle? If not, tough to do a comparison. I know when hybrids were big, they carried somewhere around a 25% premium. You'd have to drive a ton to recoup that cost. I think and EV F-150 is about 20k more than a comparable ICE F-150. You wouldn't save buying that...
  17. Cheaper to "fuel up" ICE than EV

    How does the initial cost of the vehicle stack up against how much you've saved?
  18. Cheaper to "fuel up" ICE than EV

    Do people buy EVs to save money?
  19. How do you guys listen to your stereo?

    Yeah, but no one listens to music in a studio either, that's why tone adjustments and equalizers exist. You're right, listen to whatever sounds good to you, but it's sort of like using wood stain to color your car. That's not what it's made for.