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  1. Usage and Storage Temps for Cup2's and Sport 4s tires.

    I just searched this forum and came up empty handed. Michelin says the hard deck for temp on these is 40 degrees F even for storage. I can see that for usage but storage too??
  2. Ohio Mach 1 Non-HP wheels and tires 3000k miles

    Mach 1 Non HP wheels and tires Sport 4s 255/40/19 and 275/40/19 3000 miles. $1800 OBO local pick up 43050.
  3. Ceramic coating for New Satin painted wheels?

    I have Mach 1 HP wheels (satin finish) and would like to get them coated with ceramic maybe DIY. My local guy who did the car and wheels charged 200 for the outer facing portion of the wheels. These will be Track Wheels until those cup 2s expire they they will be the street wheels. I have...
  4. 2022 non-HP to above HP conversion ALL STEEDA

    Here is a playlist of videos Ive done so far: HP Factory Ford parts installed: -Front splitter -Rear spoiler / gurney flap (haven't used the Gurney flap at Mid Ohio on Cup2's) -Front fender lips / rear splash guards -Air filter Ford Performance by Airaid -HP wheels with 305 and 315/40/19...
  5. Looking for Track Tires

    I'm converting my non HP car for the track. My question is about track tires. What should I wrap the factory HP wheels I have with? Pilot Sport Cup 2's or Pilot Sport 4S's? Would like to have a dual purpose tire but I do have my 255/275 4S's that came factory non HP. Vehicle specs: 2022...