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  1. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    Ok I will message u!
  2. 2018 GT350 - Exterior preservation ideas

    After I had mine paint corrected and ceramic coated, they told me to not use the car cover anymore! I also got PPF but not the whole car. Some places will do PPF for track like the nose, hood, roof, side skirt and rear kick panels! They let me choose which areas to PPF and customize some to...
  3. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    They are actually from ZL1 add Ons ! They are made really good and they have great customer service! And if u order some make sure u chose 350 or 350R ! I thought they were the same like most of the other 350 parts , but it has to do with the bigger splitter! I also have the ZL1 stealth lift...
  4. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I installed the side splitters the other day, still haven’t got good pics yet!
  5. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    Looks awesome!! Love that blue and black!!
  6. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    thank you too!! I know this like my 4 or 5 black car I’ve had, and each time I have a black car, I tell myself never to buy black again!! 😂
  7. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    Thank you sir!! The guys at the ceramic place told me that the cost you pay is mostly because of the paint correction and how long it takes. Them adding the coating is easy and quick!
  8. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    I had mine coated at a company that uses Gtechniq. The ultra has a 9 year warranty, but they said since I keep it in the garage and don’t drive it a lot , that it would be a lifetime! I love it! I can pressure wash it and dry it with a leaf blower! I also had them ppf the rear and side panels to...
  9. My fav gt 350 / 350r clips

    I like this one!! Mainly because it’s my car!! 😁😁
  10. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    god I love ur 350’s hood!!
  11. Ford Performance GT350 shift knob

    I was able to snag one of these! They only made 30 in red and blue! I haven’t put it on yet, I kinda like the factory knob feel, but I definitely like the look of the red ball!
  12. Exposed carbon fiber R wheels.....possible?

    I saw this on the GT350 forum . He said he did it with a bead blaster ! i also saw this , I wonder what they charge!
  13. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    He did say it usually means a different supplier is probably what is going to happen. He said other filters that they add the A at the end of the part number is because it changed suppliers. He said purolater and Wix makes most of fords filters.
  14. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    Lol! Full price as in if you look at any other online shop it says retail price is 38 dollars but is usually on sale for 25 or 27 dollars like at Fordpartsgiant, but they all say out of stock!
  15. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    My local dealership had some filters in stock and would only sell me one! But they charged me full price, 38 dollars plus tax! also they told me that Ford must be changing suppliers because it showed “PENDING OBSOLESCENCE” on the part number and it has no ETA. He printed it for me to show me!
  16. Drive your car now, says Car and Driver

    now that’s funny, but sadly probably true about people actually having to do their job !
  17. Prices are on the rise......

    Dang! I was setting here scratching my head to trying to figure out why it ain’t blue ! Dang black and white photo! Lol 😂
  18. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    My was a 2017 and it had the outline too!
  19. 3D printed oil change apparatus - Oil filter funnel

    Please let us know after the beta testers are done and u want to sell the finale product! I tried using a bendable funnel and it still a pain. I had to drop the skid plate to clean all the oil that ran into it!
  20. GT350 toys and models

    Are they still making them? And are the stripes removable like vinyl? Im looking for a shadow black no stripes.