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  1. My GT350 journey...

    Your car is fantastic looking. The SE kit sets it off perfectly. I think most will agree the GT350 is one of the nicest looking Mustangs ever produced.
  2. My GT350 journey...

    At about 15:25 there is a GT350R SE with the hood pins. They are not super visible but they are there. I’m not sure if it is the same hood. I opted to do a powder coated harness bar instead of the hood for my SE. SA was great to deal with.
  3. My GT350 journey...

    Why did they not put the hood pins in the hood? I’m curious because I saw another GT350SE online with the hood pins with the same hood. I will try and find the youtube video.
  4. The Disappointment Thread!

    Excellent review, we need more objective reviews of some of these fairly expensive products that we use to protect our expensive toys.
  5. Prices are on the rise......

    Its funny how prices on the “R’s” bounce around on BAT. Next week an equivalent R will sell for 90K.
  6. GT350R HEP Signature Edition from Shelby American - Owner Photos

    Nothing that I wished I would have had done at SA. I got what I wanted. Took forever getting the car back.
  7. FL auto insurance rates for GT350/GT500

    Florida is a no-fault state.
  8. FL auto insurance rates for GT350/GT500

    My USAA bill tripled from last year. I keep my collector cars on Haggerty. My homeowners insurance also more than doubled. I too am located in Florida and all my business insurance policies have increased dramatically.
  9. GT350 Owner COTA Ride-Along 2020 GT500 CFTP with Intercom! (video)

    So even after looking at the threads I still don’t see why there was a ban on Goose17. He is one of the most pro mustang guys on the internet. Is it just because he has a competing forum?
  10. Prices are on the rise......

    That car was in Hawaii. Im guessing the cost to get it to many states would be pretty high. That would limit the market. If the auction is like BAT they will refuse a reserve price if they think it is too high.
  11. Cant select drag mode

    There is a plug up by your airbox. Plug it back in. It disables drag mode for dyno purposes. It also disables a bunch of the “nannies”. That is one possible suspect.
  12. Prices are on the rise......

    Grudens car was one of the 37 gt350r’s, 2 were delivered to Brandon Ford. He never learned to drive a manual. The second R was for Wayne the owner of Brandon Ford at the time.
  13. Prices are on the rise......

    It was Jon Grudens he bought it from Brandon Ford here near Tampa. There are some videos of it being delivered on the forum somewhere along with another one on the same day.
  14. Pro Cup 2 Advice - Low Temp Driving

    No big deal with uhaul trailer. Here is my GT500 cruising from PA through Virginia. Tell the dealer to leave the fronter splitter off and the travel spacers in the front wheels and there are no issues loading.
  15. Florida GT500 Carbon Fiber Rear Deck Lid 20-22 Ford Performance $450 + Shipping

    Ford Performance carbon fiber deck lid for 20-22 GT500. Never installed only removed from packaging for pictures. Decided to sell car before installing. Local pickup in Tampa area. I will ship but shipping to be paid by buyer. Thanks
  16. Mustang v. Plaid

    This is just nice to see.
  17. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    That picture made me go out and take the cover off of LR110 just so I could see and touch it.