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  1. 2016 GT Magenetic Metallic Premium PP 6spd for Sale!

    I am selling my barely used 2016 Mustang GT, due to traveling for work I do not have the time to drive it. I have owned it just over a year and have only put 1000 miles on the car. Would like it to go somewhere where it will be driven. A list of the mods done: -Corsa Extreme Catback with...
  2. Interior Shifter Trim

    Does anybody know anyone that makes a new trim piece that goes around the shifter boot? I think the shiny chrome is hideous.
  3. Valence Replacement

    Does anybody know where I can buy the OEM replacement for the textured black piece on the premium rear bumper Valence? Also, does anyone have a part number or link for where to buy extra black push pins that hold the rear valence trim on?
  4. CAM Information

    I am looking to find some actual user feedback on cams for our cars. Does anyone have any video showing their car at idle after installing cams on their s550? Is anyone running cams on their car with the VCT locked? I've read all the threads about cams but can't find any documented videos...
  5. Wheel width, what's enough?

    So I have the stock PP wheels on my mustang. I love the style of these wheels. I am thinkin of buying the 10"wide replica rims. My question is first, will I really notice the 1/2" in width that I gain, or is it really not enough? I would rather get 11" wide, but don't want to drop that kind...
  6. C7 Z51

    Anybody coming from or considering going to a new style corvette z51? I honestly never realized you could get a barely used one for about the price of a brand new fully loaded s550. I have to admit I'm a real sucker for the new style of the vettes. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or...
  7. Procharger Bypass sounds

    Can anyone explain to me why some prochargers will make a blowoff sound that flutters very noticeably, and some prochargers will make a blowoff that sounds like straight blowoff with no flutter. And they seem to be the same kits, confused as to how some can make that loud flutter sound.
  8. Custom Vortech Intercooler

    Hey guys I'm looking to pull the trigger on either a Vortech v3 or a procharger d1. Having a hell of a time deciding. I love the intercooler for the procharger, looks mean as hell through the grill. Was wondering with the Vortech intercooler if anybody has ever gotten the Vortech lettering...
  9. Looking to buy 16-17 GT with PP, any reputable dealers within 75 miles of south NJ?

    I am currently in the market to get another mustang. My last mustang was an 04 cobra. That was awhile ago and I've been dying to grab a new GT with the performance package. Was wondering if anyone has some recommendations of how to go about finding exactly what I want and if anyone can point...