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  1. Any Mach 1 Inventory?

    I've got a colleague that's interested in a Grabber Blue M1 with the Handling Pkg and automatic. No Recaros. Anything out there already in inventory?
  2. Naturally aspirated HP?

    This may be more of a Coyote-related question than for the Mach 1, but what's a realistic number to shoot for on HP/TQ if I wanted to stay naturally aspirated on my Mach 1 and NOT touch the short block? I.e.: cams, intake, exhaust all OK as mods. Would I have any driveability issues? TIA
  3. Paint chipping off calipers

    Has anyone had the red paint chip off their calipers? I have a small spot on the front right brake caliper that has come off. Can I just touch it up? Where do I get the paint?
  4. SVE wheel pics?

    Anyone have the SVE Mach 1 wheels in a different color than what came stock with the HP package? Are they the exact same wheel? If not, what’s different?