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    That garage unfortunately is not It is the guy that I bought the car from. And the trailer is also not mine, borrowed from a buddy to pick this car up just north of Detroit. I'm stuck working on my back! Here is my "workshop":crackup:

    Picked up a '20 Twister car a couple months back that has some basic mods already done. 1,900 miles and mint! Will have pics in a month or so once car is back on the ground.
  3. Paying extra resale value for boosted car

    You are not supposed to do anything. Your original post sounds like you're complaining about people asking for more than a comparable stock car is valued at. Then you went on to say you'd never buy a modified car, but offered book value for a car with $5k in mods, and I can only assume you...
  4. Paying extra resale value for boosted car

    There's a big difference in well put together cars and beat on cars with some questionable mods. Pretty easy to spot the difference... I just sold my Whippled 15 GT for $43k(8 years old and 3k more than sticker price) and picked up a Whippled 20 GT for $49k. Nicely modified cars will command...
  5. South Carolina WTB DIB Hood

    Sent PM. I have a mint hood with 6k miles of use. Paint corrected, ceramic coated, and front quarter has Expel PPF. I'm in IL though...
  6. How many Calimer customers have an upgraded 26 spline inpput shaft?

    I sent mine in about a year ago and wasn’t even asked about that. I just had him build me a stage 3, I thought it pretty much had all the upgrades…
  7. How many Calimer customers have an upgraded 26 spline inpput shaft?

    I went with the 26 spline at the direction of Calimer. My car makes 885/689 on the small pulley. I mostly weekend cruise my car and haven't been back to the track with the new trans yet, but on the street it's been great. I figured the trans was out, so why not upgrade the input shaft? What...
  8. Quiet-ish catback? Is there such a thing?

    So my current setup is Stainless Power longtubes/off-road, Corsa Sport with double X. Full three inch all the way. There is absolutely zero drone, but I’m getting older and I’d like the car to be about 50% quieter. When I go past 25% throttle this damn thing wakes the dead. I was planning on...
  9. Drag wheel fitment thread

    Thanks man appreciate it! I'm guessing you're specifically asking for what springs? If so, it's on CJPP springs.
  10. Drag wheel fitment thread

    Previous owner of these wheels had them done. I'm pretty sure its Bronze Chrome with a Casper Clear though. And yea, I absolutely love this bronze especially on my color car. I'm going to have my 20's done the same way.
  11. Wheel Brands

    Thats a pretty cheap budget. That said, you can still get something decent especially from LMR as mentioned above. Their wheels are right around that price point and are pretty light.
  12. Drag wheel fitment thread

    Fronts: Billet Specialties Win Lite 18x5 with MT Sportsman 26/6/18 Rears: Billet Specialties Win Lite single beadlock 17x10 with MT ET Street R 305/45/17
  13. Are LPX and LPXHD clutches made by MCLeod?

    I honestly cant say yet. I spent all summer waiting on a Calimer stage 3 and by the time I got the car back together with the new clutch, the season was practically over. I did go with this clutch on the recommendation of Ben Calimer himself, and whether he is getting some kind of kickback or...
  14. Are LPX and LPXHD clutches made by MCLeod?

    The LPX clutches are definitely made by McLeod. Mine came missing one of the tiny shims, and after some back and forth with one of the Lethal guys on Facebook, I ended up contacting McLeod directly and they acknowledged they make this clutch and also sent me a new package of shims right away...
  15. Possible 27” tire for 18x5 front skinny

    Very interested in your results. 27" is the perfect size for the front it's silly none of the drag tire companies make one...
  16. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    I'm one of the guys that will flat out refuse to pay an ADM. I can fully afford a new GT500, but thew principle of ADM's just irks me. I have a friend who manages a Ford dealer, and I have bought my last 6 new Fords from him, and even he won't sell me a gt500 at msrp. If I knew I could get...
  17. Corsa 14502 HH sale starts today! Here, at Lethal Performance!

    Can you use the $100 gift card right at the time of the purchase of the H pipe, or does the gift card need to be applied to a future order?
  18. Anyone Used or Seen This Clutch Setup? Summit Racing Twin Disk

    How the hell did this go from a question about a clutch from Summit, to a vendor bashing another vendor about their product?
  19. Cervinis GT500 hood for 2018

    I’m running the Redline struts. They work but I can tell they are stressed. Cervinis sells struts as well so I’d probably go that route if I had to buy new.
  20. Boosted...which gear ratios?

    On 93 pump I think a 3.625 is generally regarded as the smallest pulley you should be on and is around 11-12psi. If you're at 770 now on pump, I'd stay there if it was my car. You're asking for