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  1. G2 Caliper Paint

    Painting my calipers today. Putting decals on and looking to get advice on whether a clear coat is suggested for after the decal goes on. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. A Very Specific Tuning Question

    Question for the smartest Mustang junkies out there: Let's say a 5.0 owner has a 19 with 18,000 miles on it. Plans on keeping the car (maybe passing it on at some point). Puts about 5000 miles on it yearly. Lets say said person gets a CAI and tune. He doesn't track the car. Will tuning the car...
  3. To Mod or Not to Mod, That Is the Question

    There are times while browsing this site and places like American Muscle when I feel like I have a devil on my shoulder saying DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!. Then I get in my 460 HP car and feel totally content with the sound, speed and performance. Then I'm bored and back on the internet, thinking NOT...
  4. Mach 1 Manual vs GT A-10

    As soon as the Mach 1 driver pushes the clutch the A-10 is gone.
  5. Never Normal Mode

    I can't be the only person here who finds Normal Mode in the A10 5.0 absolutely awful. I never drive in normal as I find it an insult to the Coyote. It might not bother me so much if it was called Conservation Mode and wasn't the default setting but it really is pathetic. Sport and Track mode...
  6. chirp coming from vert top well

    I"m not sure if its a tiny bird or a mouse but when I drive bumpy roads (90% of the roads in America) there is a chirp coming from what I believe is the top well. there is no chirp when the top is up which leads me to believe that I should probably put the top partially up and start greasing the...
  7. New Jersey Bullitt Style High Gloss Grille 2018-2021

    Brand new, never used still in box. $125 for pickup only.
  8. New Jersey 2019 Grille

    Used upper and lower stock grille for $115. Good condition. Pick up only. I'm in Hunterdon County NJ.
  9. Potholes

    It's too much apparently to ask that our government maintain our roads. I feel like I'm constantly dodging potholes, which inevitably leads me to another pothole. Here in Jersey you can't go for a drive without taking your car to be realigned when you're done. My poor suspension. All I ask...
  10. Member Profile Pics

    Is there a way to easily view a member's media content when clicking on their profile?
  11. Shelby GT-H convertible spoiler

    Looking to get a spoiler for a 2019 vert. I'm not a fan of the California Special spoiler. Would love to see some pics of what others have done. I'm thinking of getting the one I've seen on the Shelby GT-H convertible. Also curious to know if the weight will effect the Steeda Trunk Pop Kit I...
  12. Fossil Fuels are Not the Enemy

    Regular was $1.60 in the final days of the previous administration, now it's $1.90. It gets even more depressing when you talk about premium prices. Waging war on American energy is abject stupidity, but here we are. John Kerry wants you to peddle your bicycle to work, while he burns up the...
  13. Petrolicious

    I doubt I'm alone here when I say I spend a lot of free time watching a YouTube channel called Petrolicious. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend giving it a try especially if you're a car guy or gal. Be interested to see what other car shows people here suggest. I also love watching shows...
  14. Steve McQueen

    Imagining what Steve McQueen's Mustang would've looked like by the end of his San Francisco car chase if it had been a 2021 fastback.
  15. Increasing handling performance for 2019 GT convertible

    Looking to improve the performance regarding the handling on my base GT convert, any suggestions on where to start?
  16. 10 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual, what say you?

    When I first started looking at the 2019 Mustang I went to the local dealer to test drive 5.0 ten speed auto and a 5.0 six speed manual. Having owned an 87 GT 5 speed, I fully expected I'd like the manual more. Well, I walked away shocked knowing with absolute certainty that I'd be getting the...
  17. Speaker Upgrade

    Looking to upgrade the speakers in my 2019 GT. Any suggestions? Curious about pricing as well. Unrelated: Don't insult the Coyote by using Quiet Mode. It's sacrilegious.