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  1. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Good call Jaime! Your car has a very linear performance curve, whereas the Code Red kicks in later and acutely. Its performance curve makes it an ideal drag car. Your car is something very special, especially with CSM #4. RR
  2. Installed my Ford Performance CF Vent Hood

    Beautiful! I appreciate your use of the scale for perspective. :like:
  3. 2020+ Normal for two exhaust tips to be much darker?

    Exactly. This was explained to me by Shelby American as to why my 2020 GT500 was black flagged at Portland International Raceway for 106 DB, no matter what setting I was at. Engine performance will temporarily override any exhaust setting. Interestingly, my 2021 GT500 has never exceeded any...
  4. Who needs an FL2087? Act fast.

    Called my dealer to see if they had an FL-2087 and they said they did. Next day I took the GT500 in for an annual warranty service. Receipt states they installed a Ford KR3Z-6A832-A. I received a new OEM Filter Cover complete with a new FL-2087 Filter! I know that this has been mentioned...
  5. New Carbon Fiber for my CFTP

    I do have CF mirror bodies coming from Shelby American! They will certainly make a big difference. And I tremendously respect your service in the Middle East. Flown on many state-wide SAR, DHS and LE Missions over the past 20 years, primarily as an RS/SO or AOBD. RR
  6. New Carbon Fiber for my CFTP

    I see exactly what you are saying. Yes, the bezel is a bit shiny unlike the dull OEM exterior composite, but for me the piece blends in with the other three sides - especially with my dark carbonized gray metallic paint, black painted stripe and probably even more so after I install the CF rear...
  7. New Carbon Fiber for my CFTP

    Darker photos are inside, lighter ones are outside the shop. Mike and the Benchmark Team are very excellent. Recommended! He does all of my paint correction and PPF.
  8. Welcome Kit Question

    When I sold my 2020, I included all paperwork/documentation, DORA/Vehicle Visibility Reports, production tags/stickers, welcome kit, car cover, VIP/celebrity photos, history & connections, and anything else I could find. Definitely supported the value, buyer/collector was very happy.
  9. New Carbon Fiber for my CFTP

    Ford Performance/Anderson Composites. Mirror Bodies coming. Trying to decide if I should hunt down a Rear Diffuser. Any significant exhaust heat issues/concerns?
  10. Anderson Composites GT500 CFTP Wing Showed Up..

    Very disappointing. I just recently received six boxed items from AC and a foam blanket, bubble wrap in a sized shipping box with labeling seems to be the norm. Was concerned about the large front splitter, but fortunately it appears perfect. Still looking for splitter wickers and a rear...
  11. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Enjoy your week, Jaime! And protect your car!!! I anticipate lots of looks, touches and pics. 😎
  12. Finally did it...

    Congratulations James! I know you will be very happy where you landed, especially after the hard work you put into this. SA will treat you well! RR
  13. List of CFTP for Sale

    There is a 2021 CFTP Anti-Matter Blue with Painted Stripe on the floor at Bill Pierre Ford in Seattle. VIN #500046, Chassis #M0281. Probably not for MSRP, but it does have a working semi-conductor.
  14. My new GT500 has arrived...

    Nice!!! Can you make her a bit smaller? I will place her on my desktop!!!
  15. My new GT500 has arrived...

    KB, you are the best! I have shared this pic many times. But I didn't get a girl... :crying:
  16. Antimatter blue GT500

    Breathtaking photo of Carl's car! This pic of an Anti-matter Blue GT500 on the Showroom Floor does not even come close... :giggle: Some serious paint correction there.
  17. Antimatter blue GT500

    Absolutely. All VIP cars must go through the dealership of choice and are not counted against earned allocations. Dealerships will submit to the Order Bank, track progress, receive delivery, provide PDI, financing (if required) tax and registration. Dealerships do make some money on VIP cars...
  18. 2021 Carbonized Gray with painted Absolute Black Racing stripe

    Congratulations! Unless I misread, your description sounds like a Golden Ticket to me… :like:
  19. GT500 Deep Sleep Mode

    My 2020 goes into Deep Sleep after a couple of weeks and has done so several times. The car was not driven for over 8 months during winter. The Ford Pass App tells me that it is in Deep Sleep. I keep it connected to a CTEK Charger and the car has never had an issue starting without a full...