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  1. Head gaskets.

    Question for guys that have changed their head gaskets.Did you use cometic or just the stock gasket and why?
  2. Quality checks

    Taking my top end apart to put head studs in and i noticed where ford hand wrote,Block deck checked 2/25/17 in the intake valley.Anyone else see something like that hand written on their block?
  3. More Bad News

    Well put my built trans in this saturday and when i startex it up with the exhaust off noticed the passenger side header had a little coolant in it.So im pretty sure i either lifted a head or cracked a head gasket.Car runs fine but going to put head studs on both heads and new gaskets.My...
  4. Back to track,not even one pass.

    Well went to private track day with the 4.5 pulley on my d1 and very first pass trans broke on the 3/4 shift.I think the the planetary broke.Car would not even move and was very hard to push wanting to lock at certain points.Well time for built trans now.Would have been to nice to get atleast...
  5. Procharger belt size

    Does snyone have the part number for a procharger 8rib belt that fits a 4.38 pulley?
  6. Procharger d1

    Anyone with a procharger d1 running e85 running smaller then the 4.75 pulley.If so how much boost u seeing.
  7. Drag springs

    Hey guys,anyone have pics of just using the 1/2 drop drag springs using 17 in race stars?I have the 28 in skinny on front and 305/45/17 on rear.My rear sits up a little to high and with supercharger front sits about just right.I really would like to lower the back an 1in and front a 1/2 in but...
  8. Spark plug blow out.

    I think im having spark plug blow at higher rpms,around 7k.I have them.gapped at .30 and have about 4k miles on them.Has anyone ran into this before?Running around 14 to 15 psi of boost.Did not get a log yet,was taking a friend for a ride when it happened 2 time right before the 3rd gear shift.
  9. Mbrp race catback

    Has anyone with the race mbrp.catback.found light weight resonators that help with the loud drone of this sysyem??
  10. Mbrp race catback

    Has anyone with the mbrp.race catback had any luck.finding resonators that were light and really helped with the crazy loud drone on this system???
  11. Tuning

    Hey guys me and a buddy of mine are going to go down the road of tuning are own cars.He already has the HP tuners software.Do any of u guys that tune your own car would be intetested in sharing your tune.Would love to get a centuri tune with an auto.If so please let me know on here or pm,i will...
  12. Trans Tuning

    Does anyone with sct understand why the actual convertor slip pid is all over the place even after the converter locks up.My desired slip goes to 0 as soon as 2nd gear is commanded and u would think convertor slip actual would the same or real close to 0.Ive seen this same thing on other cars...
  13. Cleaning maf

    On the procharger stage 2 had anyone found and easy way to clean the Maf sensor without having to take the bumper cover off.
  14. Engine coolant temps

    Was wondering if anyone running the 170 thermostat,if they have had any problems with their car getting up to temp when real cold out.Got a po128 code yesterday,coolant temp too low.Mainly hwy driving I can't get the car up to 160 in the required time.
  15. Best mpg on e85

    Guys that have been running e85,what is the best mpg u have seen so far??
  16. Guys running e85

    For the guys running e85 all the time,is their fuel.additive that u use to help combat the corrosive effects that come from moisture and the hard deposits that come with using e85.I know not leaving it sit for weeks at a time helps but it their anything else that can be done to help protect the...
  17. Ttt
  18. New pb for my D1 setup

    Went to the private track day with a lot of other guys from on here and my car is finally coming around.Went 10.20 at 139 mph with a 1.48 60 ft.I think as soon as I figure my convertor out and a little cooler weather I might just get a 9 sec pass.Car weighed 4050 pounds with me.Will get one of...
  19. Procharger tensioner

    Does anyone have issue with the procharger tensioner rattling Sounds like it's coming from.the tensioner pulley,was wondering if anyone just changed the bearing and not the whole pulley?
  20. Procharger d1flutter at high rpms

    Has anyone with a procharger d1 noticed a flutter,sounds like surge valve,at higher rpms and still under wot?Last week at the track as i was coming up to the end of the 1/4 i could hear it fluttering at higher rpms and i was still under wot.Did not hear it on my manual car but that car was...