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  1. Bret Barber's Ported 2018+ Throttle Bodies - Info / Pics Inside, Available Now, no tuning needed

    From AFS directly per my inquiry: 2018 Mustang Standard GT / F150 / Boss Throttle Body Pricing: $200 Porting Only (Customer sends their throttle body into us) $175 for return customers or when they purchase with the intake manifold $300 for purchase of Ported TB outright Core returns...
  2. Virtual Dyno Party - 19' 10R80 GT - Lund E85R vs E85R Cat Delete vs E85R Cat Delete Ported Manifold

    10R80 Virtual Dyno party. Numbers dont matter really since its just an estimate based on datalogs (doesnt match actual dynos, but gives curve comparisons for power gains). Adjusted for altitude, barometric pressure and temperature and tire height on all runs. Same 3rd gear for all runs, same...
  3. Georgia WTB: 2011-14 style OEM Mustang GT Exhaust Manifold (driver's side only)

    I am looking to purchase (low miles, undamaged/no mods only) please a 2011-14 style Mustang GT Driver's side exhaust manifold. I do not need the bolts or studs or gasket and I do not need the catalytic pipe downstream, nor the catalytic converters. I can buy these new for about $270 shipped...
  4. Ported 18 Manifold on a 2018+ GT (NOT a 17 or lower) - Experiences, reviews, dynos?

    Disclaimer: No discussion intended her for 2017 or older cars, only for 2018+ since thats what I've found a ton less info on. In the search for truth and clarity here, wanted to break down what is known and unknown about ported 18 manifolds on ported 18+ manifolds. Too much partial or slightly...
  5. 2011-14 Drivers Side Manifold swap on 18+, what cat delete pipes fit?

    I know about the MAK cat deletes and all for the 18+'s but has anyone swapped a 2011-14 manifold on the driver's side and then used 2011-14 style cat delete systems that bolt up with no welding/etc? There are a ton of cheap options for the bolt on cat deletes for those years, just not sure of...
  6. 2019 GT - SP Longtubes, Lund E85R tune (on tested E85), stock intake/manifold, catback exhaust, 6spd

    Just sharing my buddy's dyno from his 2019 GT with a 6spd manual, Lund E85R tune, SP longtubes w/high flow cats, factory connect running to a 2.5" full catback. Good power, and SAE with reasonable smoothing. He ran 430whp stock fyi on the same dyno and in SAE.
  7. Airflow Solutions Ported 18 Manifold on an 18+ GT, any third party dynos?

    Just curious if anyone has third party dynos of an Airflow Solutions Ported 18 manifold on a 2018+ GT (auto or manual) from a 3rd party, besides the one AFS posted on Facebook. Curious what folks are seeing. The VMP comparison was a ported 18 and stock 18 on a 15-17 GT, not an 18+ fyi so that...
  8. Normal FRP Actual pressure?

    Does anyone know the normal range for the FRP Actual PID (fuel rail pressure) for a 2018+ GT? I have seen it drop to 500psi and up to nearly 3000psi and I had a P008a code randomly once for low pressure detected. Thx for the help
  9. E85 parts info

    Just fyi for all you folks who decide to run E85 and are worried about degrading/drying out the pump or injector seals/internals from the E content, the fuel pumps and injectors (all of them upper/lower, DI non DI, etc) on the 2018+ F150 flex fuel Coyote 5.0's are exactly the same part numbers...
  10. Does anyone have the part numbers for the Carbon Fiber dash package parts for the 18+ GT's?

    As noted above, will love you forever. :) Does anyone have the part numbers for the Carbon Fiber dash package parts for the 18+ GT's with four gauges?
  11. Any aftermarket dynos of the Bullitts yet?

    As noted, any aftermarket dynos of the Bullitts yet, especially with a layover of an 18-19 GT to compare?
  12. New pads needed? Changing to 2 piece rotors most likely, 1700mi on current pads/rotors

    Wondering if I need a new set of brake pads to bed properly on a new set of front rotors since my current pads have 1700mi on them with the stock rotors. Looking at two piece options from Baer and Steeda.
  13. Gloss Black / Lightning Blue Metallic paint matched Coyote emblems

    They finally arrived, took about 5-6 weeks from Have to say, quality is pretty good but communication from the company/guy doing them was non-existent to the two reach outs I did for updates. Just got tracking info one day and they showed up but no replies. Either way...
  14. Has anyone opened up the honeycomb on an 18-19 GT grille?

    Just curious how you did it cleanly and how it worked out, considering the grille "material" is much harder black plastic now.
  15. 18 GT - OEM resonator is gone, true 2.5" Magnaflow Tru X center, OEM rear mufflers. Vids inside!

    Suffice to say that I am pleased with this mod. The only part of the OEM exhaust that was less than 2.5" was the center section before and right after the suitcase resonator. I dont want an obnoxiously loud exhaust/etc but I do want good flow and a smooth tone. I found the OEM non-active 18+...
  16. Lightest direct replacement wheels for 18 GTPP (stock offsets/etc)?

    Curious what the lightest, quality wheels are to be found for an 18 GT Performance Pack with the 19x9 / 19x9.5 staggered setup. I will use the OEM Michelin Pilot Sport 4's with these. I see the OZ Leggera HLT's and they appear to be direct fitment replacements at 22lbs each vs 32-32.5lbs stock...
  17. M-6766-A50 Ford Oil Separator - Has anyone tried these for the 2018-2019's?

    I know these are only listed for 2011-2017 but was curious what changed to prevent use for the 2018/2019's, or if they do fit and folks havent updated the info on them yet. Thx!
  18. Ford OEM Forged Silver 19x9 / 19x9.5" wheels, anyone have part #'s?

    Potentially going to pick up a set of these but I wanted to check the weight of them and if anyone has part #'s that would be very helpful.
  19. Anyone have vids of an 18 GT with only a Magnaflow Resonated X Pipe?

    Just curious if anyone has videos of the Magnaflow resonated Tru X as a replacement for the OEM resonator on a 2018 GT, stock non-active exhaust otherwise. I had an x-pipe with resonators on my 13 GT and it sounded great but wanted to hear this first before I consider it. Sound mod only, no...
  20. Ford Performance Pack coming for 18-19 GT's?

    Curious if anyone happens to know if Ford is planning (or has hinted at) a Performance Pack release for the 18-19's, something like what is shown below, GT350 style air intake and corresponding tune?