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  1. Has anyone used Vibrant 1794's?

    Would be good to hear the longtubes with no cats setup compared to your now setup.
  2. Gt350 head cam journal repair

    yes. The crank, cams, 7 of the rods are trashed. spun #1 cylinder rod bearing, block appears to be ok. Might need a very light hone. pulled the oil pump apart, the pump gears are not cracked. Not sure if the engine was starved of oil or what. I bought the engine as a long block hoping the...
  3. Gt350 head cam journal repair

    I have a pair of heads that have a lot of scoring in the cam journals. Is this something a machine shop can repair? Or are they junk? Everything else looks good.
  4. Aftermarket lugs?

    Anyone have pics of the project 6GR R replica wheels on a gt350R using the gorilla nuts on front?
  5. Header opinions

    Looking to add longtube headers to my 17R. looking for opinions from those who did the install themselves. fitment, sound, performance, quality. kooks stepped headers American racing 1 7/8” stainless works 1 7/8”
  6. Custom Framed GT350/GT350R Artwork

    I had this made.
  7. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Not much to look at beside the two R’s.
  8. My Whipple build 2017 GT350

    Did you pull and drop the engine from The top?
  9. 2016 GT350R considering to buy

    I have a 2016 R for sale. Shadow black with stripes. 18,xxx miles. Still retains factory warranty. has a new gen2 engine with about 35 miles on it. $69,500 with CF wheels. ‘I will sell for lower 60’s if someone wants the 6GR wheels instead.
  10. GT350 WTB factory o.e. exhaust manifolds and mid pipes for 2016 GT350

    I have a brand new pair of cats from ford. Never installed.
  11. Need help removing gt350R splitter

    thanks I will give it the good old tug when I get home.
  12. Need help removing gt350R splitter

    this is the video ford references for install
  13. Need help removing gt350R splitter

    thanks I will look into some plastic strips
  14. Need help removing gt350R splitter

    maybe some of you are more wavy on your search button. I can find plenty of install videos. Not so much on the removal as it relates to the unlocking the plastic tabs
  15. Need help removing gt350R splitter

    i referenced the installation instructions for the new one and watched the ford videos for install. It does show using a rubber mallet to help push in the splitter so the tabs grab the bumper but I can’t find any good videos showing how to remove it
  16. Need help removing gt350R splitter

    ‘yes. I removed the 4 of them. Unless there is more
  17. Need help removing gt350R splitter

    Need some help getting my gt350R splitter off. I have all of the bolts off. But cant figure out how to get the plastic tabs to release from the bumper. There are 8 of them. I dont Want to damage the splitter nor bumper. is there a special tool to get the tabs to release? Any one have the ford...
  18. Missouri 2018 GT350 TR-3160 trans setup - only 1k miles.

    2018 GT350 TR3160 Track Pack transmission. Includes transmission, clutch/flywheel, driveshaft, mid plate, trans cooler lines. Transmission only has 1k miles on it. Great shape. No trans cooler. stock shifter not included. $4200